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Wednesday 12 August 2015

Yuma QAL - A Finish

As the Yuma QAL is coming to a close, I'm ready to share my own Yuma quilt's photoshoot.

I'm a huge fan of smooth quilts - my usual method for laundering my quilts is a machine wash then tumble dry till half dry then press till fully dry and smooth as new.

This quilt had other ideas, I guess there's always one!  The 100% cotton Quilters Dream Request batting and the American Made Brand solids shrank at different rates during the first wash, and no amount of pressing can fix it - and yes I have tried.  So let me introduce you to what's only my third ever 'crinkly' quilt!!! 

The quilt's for my daughter, Flicky, to remember this summer and looking forward to all the future summers we're yet to share, I love you so much Flicky x

'For all the summers yet to come.'

I hope you've enjoyed the #yumaQAL, I've had fabulous feedback about all my #yumaQAL tutes from lots of you who are making Yumas but particularly about my piecing and joining rows tute.  I've created a link page for all my Yuma tutes and posts, and you can link to it here or via my tute page in the sidebar but for one last time here're all my previous posts links:

Wednesday: Log Cabin blocks
and finally: quilting my Yuma

Last week I had the best news, Ivete and Andrea @Gotham Quilts like my solid Yuma Quilt so much they're now selling it as a kit so you can make my quilt yourself.  I'm happy dancing at the great blog post they wrote about it too!!!

here's a link to the free Yuma Solid pattern.

Angie @Gnome Angel also wrote a fab post in the last week about losing her sewjo while making her Yuma.  Hopefully, normal service will be resumed for her very quickly, but I did do another happy dance when she featured my solid Yuma in her post and said it's her fave :D

The original free Yuma Quilt pattern is available here and if you make a Yuma be sure to share your work on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc using the hashtag #yumaQAL.  Even if you're not making your own Yuma click through to the Instagram #YumaQAL and take a look at what everyone else is up to.

Each week another blogger will be sharing their #YumaQAL experiences with you.

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Disclaimer: Gotham Quilts supplied the fabrics used at a discount price to mbCD otherwise this post is for informational purposes only, no payment or commission is received on click-throughs and opinions are my own.

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  1. I love the quilt! beautiful pattern and fabric colors. Sorry to hear your frustration on fabric shrinkage :(

  2. Wow. Your version stands out in the very best way! Congrats on an absolutely lovely finish. Your daughter is so lucky. :)

  3. I think your finished quilt is lovely even with the shrinkage difficulties. You have a great color layout, and I keep getting drawn back to it. Congratulations on the finish.

    1. Thanks Yvonne, in use the crinkly look is much more attractive than it is in photos, I can't help always wanting a perfect look for my pics!!! I love that you're attacted to the quilt's colours, that makes me really happy - Chris :D

  4. Such a beautiful quilt! I could totally see it done with shot cottons (but then, shot cottons might well be my new secret obsession, lol!) :)

  5. I like the wrinkly quilt! Such great colors and patterns. I'm sure your daughter will enjoy it!

  6. What a beautiful quilt love the colours too. I'm slightly intimidated to make some thing quite so large.


  7. Beautiful version of the Yuma quilt! And your photos are spectacular!

    1. Thanks Heather, it's hard to take a bad photo with the view from my roof garden as a backdrop! - Chris :D

  8. Ooh, I love your version Chrissy! Gorgeous!

  9. This is such a lovely quilt Chrissie. Beautiful photographs with NYC in the background!

  10. The quilt is wonderful, just love the colours and design you have chosen.

  11. So pretty, and what a back drop.

  12. Absolutely lovely. I'm so jealous of the view from your balcony too!

  13. I love your quilt Chris! :) Your pictures are fantastic! Thank you for stopping by and linking up to Fabric Frenzy Friday! I am featuring your quilt today! :)

    Lindsey - Fort Worth Fabric Studio

  14. This is such a lovely quilt- the cheerful colors against the neutral background are awesome! I am a pre-washer (even a lot of battings) due to fears of unexpected shrinkage. I tend to think that a bit of crinkle can enhance the softness and live-with feel of a quilt

  15. I always enjoy your quilt photos! I really love this quilt from the fabric, color to the crinkle! I love a crinkled quilt and always marvel at the effect after a wash & dry! I hope to some day make this one...so gorgeous!

  16. Love your quilt, the crinkles, the backing, all!

  17. Beautifully done. Thanks for sharing all the inspiration! Linda @Crafts a la mode

  18. I love your quilt, and the name is perfect!

  19. This turned out beautifully! Very good it's getting some notice!

  20. I love your Yuma quilt! I think it has just the right amount of crinkling.... I am a fan of the smoother look , too, but love your quilt. You are inspiring me to make one!

  21. A lovely quilt, I particularly like the colours you've used

  22. Love the color on the gray. I like a crinkly quilt. I'm all about the comfort.

  23. This is beautiful! Love the colors!
    I like crinkly quilts, this one looks perfect!


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