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Monday 17 June 2019

Textured Earth: My Curated Fabric Bundle

Textured Earth - My Curated Fabric Bundle

I love it when Benartex ask me to work with them, and on this occasion, they wanted me to curate a fabric bundle for their latest issue of their Modern By The Yard e-zine.

A simple yet smart idea - pick six fabrics from different collections across the Benartex, Contempo and Kanvas ranges to highlight how fabrics can work together. I had fun pouring over the collections and deciding on my virtual fabric pull.

I'm waiting for the arrival of my bundle, and I'm excited to see it. I hope you enjoy it; maybe you'll purchase my choices yourself so you can have the fabrics in your own stash 😆?

This Mix and Match article is the first of a regular feature in Benartex's free e-zine - and includes three bundles selected for you by some of your favourite modern quilters - me 😉; Stephanie @Modern Sewciety; and Tara @The Quilt District.

If you'd like to know more about my fabric choices and why I selected them, then download yourself a copy of the latest issue of Modern By The Yard. There you'll find the name and SKU number for each of the fabrics, so you can ask for it at your local quilt store.

Inside the e-zine, there's more sewing fun, free quilt patterns and projects and news about fabric, notions and more. 

Grab yourself a free e-zine copy of Modern By The Yard Issue #11 by clicking the link below.

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Textured Earth - My Curated Fabric Bundle

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