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Wednesday 24 June 2015

Yuma QAL - Log Cabin Triangles

It's already Day 3 of my week on the Yuma QAL with Gotham Quilts, how's your quilt coming on?  Are you ready to make your next blocks yet, or are you still thinking about fabric choices?  Today we're making the Log Cabin Triangles that make up those impressive squares formed over the centre two rows that are such a great feature of the Yuma quilt.

 First, you need to cut out all your fabrics.

There are only 2 full Log Cabin blocks to make and 2 partial Log Cabin blocks which you'll then cut into the 6 Log Cabin Triangles needed for the quilt pattern.

Lay each of the 2 full Log Cabin block fabrics as shown below and sew the pieces together using a 1/4" seam.

Piecing order: 1→2 / 1+2→3 / 1+3→4 / 2+1+4→5

Press all seams open as you go and the finished back should look like this - you'll have two blocks, one of each colourway you're working with.

Cut your two full Log Cabin blocks in half diagonally being sure to cut through the points of the centre as well as the corner points.  Do check the diagonal lines runs correctly through all 4 points before you cut - if your ruler doesn't pass through these points correctly you may want to check your block's seams - are they really 1/4" seams or do they need some adjustment?  It's worth taking the time to correct these now, if you don't have the diagonal cut right at this stage you'll struggle to match your two centre rows when joining together your quilt top.

You should now have 4 Log Cabin Triangles so let's move on now to making the partial Log Cabin blocks.

Lay each of the 2 partial Log Cabin block fabrics as shown below and sew the pieces together using a 1/4" seam.

Piecing order: 1→2 / 1+2→3

Press all seams open - there'll be a twist in the fabric as you press off the end of the centre square, allow the twist to happen, don't try to press the seam back where it doesn't actually exist.

The next step is to cut the diagonal line across all the partial block.

I wasn't sure exactly where to place the cut - on the very edge cutting through the centre square diagonal or slightly back from the edge...

...my solution was to place one of the Log Cabin Triangles I'd already cut over the partial Log Cabin block.  This way I could be sure to cut the partial block to the exactly the same size as the other Log Cabin Triangles.

 Here's a close-up pic so you can see exactly what I mean.

Reassured, I went for it and trimmed both partial blocks down to make triangles!

And now you have your 6 Log Cabin Triangles ready for the centre rows of your Yuma.

Tomorrow I'll be piecing the rows, I hope you'll come back and have a nosey how my Yuma's looking then.  I'm a bit in love with it if I'm honest!

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  1. These are interesting Chris - an idea that needs to be taken further I feel. xx

  2. What a great idea - they're going to look lovely with the triangle blocks


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