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Saturday, 2 June 2012

I've Been Shopping ...

What's in the bag?

Had to make a trip to my LQS in Manhattan to collect supplies for 2 courses that I've got coming up over the next week and also for more Transparency Quilt fabric - note my use of 'had to' like it's a hardship!

Here's my bag of goodies - bought so much I had a brown paper carrier today instead of the smaller plastic bag and fortunately I had husband, S, with me to carry it all.

 My shopping list:
2 yards Michael Miller Hone-D and 1 yard Kona - Stone for Transparency Quilt
Heirloom Machine Quilting Book by Harriet Hargrave Spiral-bound for Free Motion class (love, love, love, spiral-bound books, they're so much easier to work with that a standard paperback)
Quilter's Dream Request batting - to fit 2 quilts 55 x 55 & 50 x 30
1 yard muslin for Free Motion class
Basting safety pins - size 1  (you can't have too many basting pins, ever!!!)
2 yards main fabric (b&w on pattern) & 2 3/4 yards backing fabric for Sparkle Plenty Quilt
2 x 5" charm packs or 1.5 yards accent fabric for Sparkle Plenty Quilt

And here's photos of the best bits - the fabric
Just look at those fabrics working together, I'm very, very excited about making the Sparkle Star Quilt

Kaffe Fassett for Rowan.  Westminster Fibers#GP108 'Rustic Floral'
Philip Jacobs for Rowan.  Westminster Fibers #PWPJ42 'Primula'

Benadictus Victoria and Albert Museum, London for Rowan Westminster Fibers #PWVA02 'Leaves'

Early Birds by Jane Sassaman for Westminster Fibers #PWJS34 'Poka Dot'

These colours just sing together and there were lots of words of admiration from staff and shoppers alike at my LQS which is always so wonderful to hear.
Sparkle Plenty Quilt pattern by Loft Creations and available at
The florals are for the coloured sections and I'm going to use Poka Dot (and yes it is spelt Poka and not Polka!) for the black sections and the backing.  I might do a scrappy border with the florals on the back to break up the poka dots a bit but I'll think that through a bit more over the next 2 weeks.  Now I have to get on and cut 144 squares by Thursday.  Rotary cutter anyone ... ?


  1. Replies
    1. Great aren't they - hope they look as good in the quilt as they do right now in my head.

  2. Wonderful colours, love your fabric choice- popped in from Lily's small blog meet!

    1. Glad you stopped by and congrats on your 100th post - looking forward to reaching that milestone myself :)

  3. Gorgeous fabrics! Lovely quilt pattern too. Can't wait to see your version of it, it's going to look great with those fabric choices... =)

    1. A bit nervous about the colours now I've cut them into charm squares - they've lost something of their appeal and the colours are looking a bit muddy next to each other. Hoping it'll look different once I see them within the pattern and if it doesn't then I'll rethink or maybe add something to bring them back to life.

  4. Blues and greens my favourite colours.

    1. Absolutely - but I'm just thinking that that was the colour of my school uniform, which I hated at the time so what happened there then? :)

  5. Love the fabrics! They're gorgeous! Are they kind of large prints? I'm curious how they'll show up on the pattern. Can't wait to see your quilt!

    1. Hi Kati - yes though the patterns aren't terribly large, as I was saying to FarahLin above, now I've cut them into charm squares I'm not seeing enough range of colour in each square so they are looking a bit muddy.

      Class at CQ is on Thursday and I'll lay the pattern design out then and if necessary I'll run into the shop and find something to add to fix it all. Kind of hoping that I won't need to though and that once they're laid out together in the pattern the colours will sing through again.

      Also wish I could have got a slightly smaller, more dense dotty purple/white but there was nothing in store so I've taken a risk with that fabric as well as the colour is just perfect.

      So we'll wait and see, but you can be sure I'll keep you posted :)


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