Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Exploring London - Liberty 2016

I can't visit London without nipping into Liberty but last time I shared pics with you from inside the store was back in 2012.

On my visit last month, I met my quilty friend Gertie Pye for breakfast in CafĂ© Liberty and took fresh pics so let's have a look at what's happening there now.

Stepping out of the lift there's a huge array of home accessories in several of Liberty's fab designs

and stationery too.

Turning right we enter the main Liberty fabric gallery and see the season's new collections.

I love how the gallery is centred around an atrium giving the wooden structure so much light.

In the basket above are these gorgeous 2.5" squares - colour selections of various liberty prints put together by Alice Caroline.  If you haven't heard of Alice Caroline they're a UK based company selling a variety of Liberty fabrics and kits and also have a Liberty Stars Club.  You can sign up to receive either a Liberty six fat quarter bundle or six fat eighths bundle shipped to you either monthly or quarterly for 12 months AND they'll ship worldwide.  

Disclaimer: I haven't ordered online from Alice Caroline or taken part in the Liberty Stars Club myself I'm providing the links for info only so you can explore yourselves.

In case you'd like a closer look at the sewing machine in the earlier pic, here it is for you.  It's a Silver sewing machine with the Flowers of Liberty, Theodora Liberty print.  The bad news, unless you're living in Britain, is that it's only compatible with British power supplies and sockets.

I've used the above print in a few pieces I've made over the years, it's a favourite of mine (click images to read more).


Above is another print I've had in my stash for several years now and not used yet.  I took the pic though in honour of my NYC Metro MOD Quilt Guild friends - I think they bought every available yard of this particular print in a recent Manhattan store closing down sale and who can blame them at $10/yard!!!  Shame I already had the prints on offer, hard to justify it then better just to feel sorry for yourself thinking about the price you paid :'(

And my purchases this visit which I paid quite a bit more than $10/yard for!?  
I gave you sneak peeks earlier without you knowing!

Do you shop at Liberty when you're in London?  
You know they sell much more than fabric too: fashion; home dec; beauty; jewellery; and more, you can get lost in there for hours.

Regent Street  London  W1B 5AH
Tel: +44 (0)207 734 1234

Opening hours:
Mon-Sat 10 am to 8 pm
Sunday 12 pm to 6 pm

Permission granted by a staff member to take photos.

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Monday, 2 May 2016

A Foundation Paper Pieced Seahorse - Pattern Testing For The Tartankiwi

Regular readers will know how much I love to test foundation paper pieced (fpp) patterns for Juliet @The Tartankiwi.  Whenever I have the opportunity to talk about fpp with newbies to the sport - and it really is a sport but with a little effort you'll soon get the hang of it and love the results - I'm quick to tell them that not all fpp patterns are equal.  There's a lot to be said for a well-designed pattern, it makes life soooo much easier for the sewist and produces fabulous results and, in my book, Juliet is the Queen of fpp design and her patterns are thoroughly tested before they are made available to purchase.

When Juliet showed me her version of the Seahorse (above) and asked if I'd like to be a first level tester I didn't think twice.

The finished piece is enormous - 50" x 50" - YES you read that right!!!

Here's my cut out and glued pieces laid out on the floor ready for me to start folding.

I'm tidier and more organised than many in all aspects of my life including my sewing but I'm sharing with you here the total mess I make especially when I'm working on fpp.  It's pretty uncomfortable for me to let you see this but I'm hoping you might find it somewhat encouraging.  I'm busy these days, what with teaching, travelling and everything else and no longer post projects as I'm working on them but rest assured my life isn't always as neat and perfect as my finished project photos might have you believe,  :D 

I made the seahorse totally from my stash and I had yellows and oranges and aquas, turquoises, blues and greens pulled from their storage boxes and scattered everywhere in my search for the right colour and size piece and trying not to repeat apart from in a few chosen areas on the seahorse to pull things together.  

This is the finished back before I pulled the papers out.  
Don't you just love doing that?  But not so much cleaning up the mess it makes?!!!

I'm including this pic to give you a bit of perspective so you can see how huge the finished piece is - my husband's holding it for me and he's 6' 2".  You can also see the menagerie of 'dead' no longer stuffed animals scattered around our floor.  No we don't have small children, we have two dogs and, having brought up three small children into adulthood, I can confirm that these two dogs make far more mess with their toys than the kids ever did AND they don't tidy up after themselves, even when told.

The seahorse pattern isn't available to purchase yet - I think it's in its second round of pattern testing by now so I'll update you when it's released.

In the meantime take further inspiration from the other fpp patterns I've tested for Juliet previously:
Click any of the images below to go through to my post about testing that particular pattern:

Disclaimer: I do not receive payment from Juliet @TheTartankiwi for testing her patterns, nor do I receive a commission on any patterns sold via her Etsy store or any other sales method.  This post is purely informational and of no direct benefit, monetary or otherwise, to me.

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Linky Parties This post may be linked to some great Linky Parties, always a great source of inspiration too.  If you click through to my 'Fave Linky Parties'  page you can see where I like to share my work.