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Thursday 28 April 2016

2 Sewing Tips You Need To Know

After I shared my 13 Pixie Baskets on social media quite a few people commented that when they'd made them the lining didn't fit well and they wanted to know how I'd made my linings fit so smoothly.  

It's easy peasy and I'll share how I do it with you now.

How To Make A Bag/Basket Lining That Will Fit Better

I'm currently away in Austin and didn't sneak along a sewing machine in my baggage so I can't whip up a lining and share sew along photos with you but the next best thing, and probably even easier, is the infographic I've put together and already shared with you at the top of this post.  

Pretty self-explanatory, but if your lining is still too large increase the 1/8" angling of those sides and the additional seam width in the base in small 1/8" increments until you get the fit you want, always keeping that top edge the same size as the top edge of the outer fabric.

I hope you find it useful and have linings that lie flat from now on!

My new infographic about linings mentions another infographic I've shared in several of my tutes but some of you may not have seen so I'll share it here again:

How To Make Seam Openings Turn Inwards Easily

You know how it is when you leave a gap in your sewing to turn your fabric through and then you have to try to make those seams tuck back inside so you can press them in place and sew them closed from the outside?

  We often use this type of closing in pouches, bags, coasters, and any pillow turned cushion, pillow and quilt basically, anything that we sew inside out and then turn to the right side to finish.  These seams never want to turn in and there's a chance you've burnt your fingers several times trying to force them to stay in place with an iron! 

Take a look how easily these seams turn for me

and below I'll share how I do it.

I've drawn up two versions as sometimes a pattern calls for you to stitch the top seam and sometimes it doesn't.  
It's the same either way.  
Follow my method and those seams will turn themselves inwards so easily you won't believe it :D

If you're looking for ways you can put these methods to use here's some tutes I've shared before, click on an image to go through to the page.

2 Sewing Tips You Need To Know - well now you know them!!!

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  1. Chris, Thank you for making your sewing tips so easy to understand and useful. You really help! If you ever produce a Tipster ebook, count on my interest. Discovering your blog is a big plus to my sewing!

    1. Thank you for such a wonderful compliment Sue, it makes my heart sing to pass on my passion and knowledge and knowing people appreciate it is the icing on the cake :D - Chris

  2. Thanks for the tips and tricks very helpfull indeed!! Love your blogs xxxxxxx

    1. Thanks Camilla, it's wonderful to know the info I'm sharing is useful to others :D - Chris

  3. These are great and also from a few months ago your tip about Trello - what a huge help that's been.

    1. Oh that's fab to hear Jenny and I'm loving Trello too :D - Chris

  4. Two great tips Chris - thank you. xx

  5. I love these sewing tips,and that we can keep them in mind for before the situation comes up! Your diagrams are so clear and understandable!!
    Susie (SusiesSunroom)

    1. Thanks so much Susie, I can't tell you how fab it is to hear that the tips are useful:D - Chris

  6. These are such logical ideas - awesome!! I will put them into practice immediately. Thank you. :-)

  7. Awesome tips - I can't wait to try them! Thank you!!

  8. Very useful! Thank you for sharing these tips at The Really Crafty link Party! Pinned!

  9. Both tips are fantastic! I have them safely stored for future reference! Thanks you!

  10. Love the tips, Chrissie! I've just discovered your blog and it looks like I need to get myself a good cup of coffee and stay for a while. I love what I see, and please don't be angry when you realize there's a crazy gal pinning your stuff all across the site. Actually, I'd be thrilled if you join me pinning! Eh, I'll just email you to spare the poor comment section :)

  11. Thanks! I've filed these away for my next basket, bag, or pouch project. : )

  12. Thanks for the tips! That second one of sewing off the seam to make turning in easier is new to me, but it makes all kinds of sense. Thanks for sharing.


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