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Thursday 17 February 2022

Who Am I? - My United Archetype

ChrisDodsley.com - Who Am I?

"Who Am I?" That's a huge question for a Thursday evening! Maybe it doesn't sit too well with making dinner, looking after the kids, that thing you've got to do for work, etc. Perhaps you've already been wondering. Do you know who you are? How many voices speak inside you? Are they in harmony and working together 🎡 or fragmented? 🧩  

Who Am I? - My United Archetype

I asked myself that question, and using my Cosmic Smash Book, I took my thoughts to the page and smashed my way through the uncomfortable stuff - which never feels as bad when it's revealing itself to you through your pen πŸ–Š crayon πŸ– and paintbrush πŸ–Œ The magic that isπŸ’« Cosmic Smash Booking πŸ’«

ChrisDodsley.com - Who Am I?

And, POW πŸ’₯- there it is, clarity. So much inner wisdom was pushed down and buried from years of distrusting, ignoring and conflicting with myself. The joy of all my voices finally being able to speak for me as one - my united archetype.

ChrisDodsley.com - Who Am I?

Suddenly, everything feels brighter and lighter πŸ’—πŸ’–πŸ’•πŸ’–πŸ’“

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Who Am I? - My United Archetype

ChrisDodsley.com - Who Am I?

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