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Thursday 17 February 2022

Word For The Year - Trust

ChrisDodsley.com - Word of the Year - Trust

My word for the year is 'trust'. It kept coming up for me at the end of 2021, so I decided it needed to be part of my focus for this year. Do you have a word for the year? Seven weeks in, how is it serving you so far if you do? 

Word for the Year - Trust

Trust is absolutely the right word for me for 2022. Wanting a visual reminder, I created this. It's my version of 'reverse applique' style painted text - I love it when I can bring a sewing reference to the page, even if it's not 'real' stitches. After my Cosmic Smash Booking dive into the who, what, where, when, why, and how of my trust issues which are journalled beneath my painting, the interwoven strands, pathways, and connections feel very appropriate.

ChrisDodsley.com - Word of the Year - Trust

When I choose to trust and allow myself to be vulnerable, there are huge rewards - opportunities, possibilities, connection, happiness, enjoyment, fun, laughter, calm, peace, growth, purpose and fulfilment.

ChrisDodsley.com - Word of the Year - Trust

I can choose to stay small or to expand... all I have to do is trust.

ChrisDodsley.com - Word of the Year - Trust

What does 'trust' mean to you? Do you trust others, and more importantly, maybe, yourself? You have to love what comes up in a Cosmic Smash Booking deep dive. Creating your page, you find your truth in the ah-ha moments, creeping up on yourself, entering through the back door of your heart to discover your true self.

Curious to come on this journey with me? 

I'll be sharing more soon 💗💖💕💖💓

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Word for the Year - Trust
ChrisDodsley.com - Word of the Year - Trust

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