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Wednesday, 16 February 2022

Heart To Serve

ChrisDodsley.com - Heart To Serve

Last September, I answered my calling 💗 Heart to Serve💗 and stepped into Cosmic Smash Booking Guide training with CSB's Chief Fairy Godmother, Catt Z.

Heart To Serve

What is Cosmic Smash Booking? For me, it combines my three loves - sewing, art and journalling; it's the missing piece, the searched-for answer, a 'coming home'. I'll share more about this with you over the coming weeks. Think Morning Pages (Julia Cameron 'The Artist's Way') meets art journalling.

My news to share is I'm now a Certified Cosmic Smash Book Guide and currently furthering my training in Cosmic Leadership and as a Cosmic Healer, which includes Life Coaching.

ChrisDodsley.com - Heart To Serve

Anyone, regardless of creative ability, can use Cosmic Smash Booking as a tool for personal healing and growth, and I'm excited to start sharing some of my Smash Book pages with you.

Today I have chosen an early page from my training. I recall that this page was a query into my resistance and uncovered a common thread in my fears - rejection. My fears, as for most of us, are many - fear of speaking my mind; loss; not being loved; being alone; being hurt; being homeless/penniless; failure; success; losing face; being judged; not being worthy; not being good enough; not being loveable. A lifelong people pleaser, it feels like I'm never enough - which is exhausting and draining. As a result, I'm rarely true to myself, "Who am I?" "What is the real me?" "What do I want?" The answer is "I don't know.". The result of a lifetime spent being what others want me to be, doing what others want me to do.

ChrisDodsley.com - Heart To Serve

DON'T ROCK THE BOAT, KEEP EVERYONE HAPPY has been my mantra since forever.

This page revealed that it's time to ROW MY OWN BOAT to wherever I want to go. And, I am! Watch this space... 

While journalling, I saw imagery of water, waves, and me rowing a boat surrounded by dolphins. So I brought them to the page and afterwards checked out the symbolism of dolphins; they represent resurrection and true rebirth - as we say in Cosmic Smash Booking, "you can't make this s**t up".

ChrisDodsley.com - Heart To Serve

I wonder if my fears, thoughts and images resonate with you? I hope you will accompany me on this new, exciting and unfolding journey.

Sending much love 💗💖💕💖💓

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Heart To Serve

ChrisDodsley.com - Heart To Serve

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