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Saturday, 12 May 2012

There's Nothing Like A Bit Of Quilting ...

Diagonal Quilting Detail on Backing Sheet of Surprise Quilt Project

Yes, it's true, I can confirm when you're feeling really low there's nothing like a bit of quilting to make you feel brighter.  Got stuck in to one of my two surprise projects last night and have really made headway in quilting it.  Just one small triangle left to quilt and then ready to bind.

I've done much heavier quilting on this project than I've ever tried before and I'm loving the effect, though my right shoulder isn't quite so keen!  Couldn't have managed at all if I hadn't kept my ironing board alongside my sewing table to give me that extra bit of work surface to rest the quilt on.

So here's a sneak preview - remember this project is a big surprise that I'm working on for someone but I don't think this close up photo of the quilted backing sheet gives anything away.

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