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Thursday, 10 May 2012

A Terrible Week

Me and my Daddy

It's been a difficult week and not the one I'd planned. 

I flew back to England last Thursday night as I got the news on Thursday afternoon that my Dad was dying.  I made it in time to speak with him and he finally passed away at 10.10 pm on Saturday night.  

He was 86 and very ill having had bladder cancer 12 years ago he now had COPD, lung cancer and cerebral vascular dementia and he was weary with it all.  Still he was my Daddy and I love him and I’ll miss him terribly.

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  1. So sorry for your loss, this is very hard I know.

    1. I lost my darling Dad about a year ago. It doesn't matter how old or how I'll they are - it matters that they are DADS. I didn't get home in time to say goodbye to mine - you are lucky and blessed you did. My most heartfelt sympathy and hugs - I wish you peace in your heart. Know that the love doesn't die - it only changes form. Bless you - will keep you both in my heart!

    2. That's really comforting to hear Joan, thank you very much.


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