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Saturday, 12 May 2012

My First Quilting Bee

I'm a member of The New York City Metro Area Modern Quilt Guild and I've just got a place on a Quilting Bee.

For those of you not in the know (I wasn't myself until about 3 months ago ;) ) there are 12 of us in the Bee and we're each allocated a month of one year to be Queen Bee - my month is December.  When it's your turn to be Queen Bee you send 'how to' instructions and, if you wish fabric, to your bees and they each make a quilt block and return it to you so you can make a quilt.  When you're Queen Bee you can give your bees as much or as little freedom as you want - to change fabrics, colourways, improvise on design, etc.  It's fab, you get to work with designs and fabrics that you wouldn't necessarily ever choose for yourself and the payback is that when it's your month to be Queen Bee you'll get your own beautiful and unique quilt.

So I was very excited when I returned to America earlier this week and my first Quilting Bee package had arrived.

My first ever Quilting Bee package (May) from Earamichia - just look at those fab colours and prints!

My Queen Bee, Earamichia, has asked us to make her a Bible Quilt and my block is 'Children of Israel'.  My instructions are a 12.5" block, use the fabric provided but feel free to add from stash.  It can be wonky, literally interpreted, my own interpretation or an applique. Here's a link explaining more about this type of quilt: http://www.patternsfromhistory.com/bible_quilt/bible_bom.htm

So my task for today is to crack on with it, I'm a very busy Quilting Bee!

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