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Sunday, 13 May 2012

There's Still Time To Say "Happy Mother's Day"

Wow, what a wonderful day!

Back in March we celebrated our English 'Mother's Day' and my children told me that there was no way we'd be celebrating the American 'Mother's Day' as well, even though I live here now.  So I was really surprised and delighted this morning when I received more gifts and Skype messages to celebrate today also.  Also got to have dinner out this evening at Azucar - our local Cuban restaurant - lovely.  I guess that makes me a doubly special Mum ;)

Didn't have a chance to sew my 'Children of Israel' block, spent the day shopping for clothes for my Father's funeral and the only action my sewing machine saw today was altering everything to fit correctly when we got back home.

A very busy week in store - starting with green card biometrics (fingerprinting) tomorrow morning but then a night in alone and the opportunity to crack on with the quilt block as S and F are off to 'The Birth and Death of Stars' ' at the Natural History Museum, NYC.

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