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Wednesday 23 November 2016

Exploring - American Folk Art Museum, Long Island City

NYC Metro Modern Quilters Guild by www.madebyChrissieD.com

Last week twelve members of the NYC Metro Modern Quilters Guild took a trip out to the American Folk Art Museum Collections and Education Centre at Long Island City, New York.  We wanted to catch the current exhibition before it ends on 30 November 2016 - Painted, Pieced and Padded: Masterwork Quilts From The American Folk Art Museum.

NYC Metro Modern Quilters Guild by www.madebyChrissieD.com

I have photos to share but they don't even begin to do justice to the stories behind each quilt, the workmanship and fabrics.  Bear in mind that the lighting, humidity and temperature in the exhibition room is perfect to maintain the condition of the quilts - not so good for taking photos 😉

NYC Metro Modern Quilters Guild by www.madebyChrissieD.com

Log Cabin Quilt, Courthouse Steps Variation 
Samuel Steinberger, NYC, 1890-1910 - silk

Made by Steinberger, a tailor, these gorgeous silks are probably leftovers from the inside of jackets and other clothing.

Appliqued and Embroidered Pictorial Bedcover 
Artist unidentified, possibly NY State, 1825-1845 
- wool, silk, cotton and beads with silk and cotton embroidery

Star Of Bethlehem Quilt
Artist unidentified, possibly Sullivan County, NY, 1880-1900 - silk
NYC Metro Modern Quilters Guild by www.madebyChrissieD.com

Surprise Quilt Presented To Mary A Grow
Various quiltmakers, Plymouth Michigan, 1856
- cotton with ink and embroidery

This is an 1856 Quilt As You Go!  Each block is individually bound and then joined together.  I particularly love the borders - the design isn't centred along the lengths or manipulated until the size fits perfectly, there are half and part motifs.  Don't you think we should take a leaf from that book and not worry so much about placement ourselves?

NYC Metro Modern Quilters Guild by www.madebyChrissieD.com

Equestrian Crazy Quilt
Artist unidentified, possibly NY State, 1880-1900
- silks including velvet and cotton with cotton embroidery 
NYC Metro Modern Quilters Guild by www.madebyChrissieD.com

Sunflowers Quilt
Artist unidentified, possibly Pennsylvania, 1860-1880 - cotton

Stencilled Quilt
Olivia Dunham Barnes, Conway, Massachusetts, c1831
- paint on cotton and printed cotton

At first glance around the room, this quilt wasn't particularly eye-catching of course, once I knew its story, it became my favourite.  The prints are hand stencilled (theorem painting) with a mix of watercolour and hazardous chemical components - considered safe at the time.

Basket Of Flowers Whitework Quilt
Artist unidentified, possibly Pennsylvania, 1810-1820
- cotton with cotton fringe

Diamond Strip Quilt
Lucinda Toomer, Georgia, c1975
- cotton, corduroy, flannel, velvet and wool
NYC Metro Modern Quilters Guild by www.madebyChrissieD.com

Double Nine-Patch Quilt
Artist unidentified, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, 1930-1940
- wool and wool-rayon blend

This quilt was tricky to photograph due to the reflections in the plexiglass cover, you can, however, still see the vibrant colours used in this 1930's Amish Quilt.

NYC Metro Modern Quilters Guild by www.madebyChrissieD.com

Although this exhibition is ending next week, another will be coming along soon so if you're planning a trip to New York think about adding this to your 'to-do' list as there are lots of other great things to see and do in the Collections & Education Center neighbourhood - all listed here on their info page.  To visit this location, you need to make an appointment to view and you can visit as an individual or group and they're very accommodating.  

If you don't have time to leave Manhattan then take a look at what's on at the Lincoln Square location too - and they have a great gift shop!!!

American Folk Art Museum

NYC Metro Modern Quilters Guild by www.madebyChrissieD.com

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this wonderful exhibit! These quilts are breathtaking.

  2. What a wonderful exhibition, thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party this week!
    All those quilts are beautiful, but the one with the sunflowers is my favorite!


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