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Monday 11 July 2016

Free Pattern - Reversible Tote, Wallet & Key Clip

Did you have a chance to look at issue 2 of Modern By The Yard, the new modern quilting free e-zine?  Here's the link again in case you haven't checked it out yet.

The e-zine includes my reversible tote bag pattern Cool Blues Tote on pg 18 and before I sent the bag off for its magazine photo shoot I took the following detail pics.

mbCD received payment for pattern concept and design and Benartex supplied all fabrics for e-zine project sample.  Otherwise, this post is for informational purposes only and mbCD does not receive payment or commission on click-throughs.

The tote is fully reversible - though as you can see in the pic below right you'll probably not want to attach the key clip and wallet strings when using it 'inside out'!

There's a useful zippered pocket that becomes a feature when the bag's reversed.

And here's the detachable wallet and key ring clip.  I've included swivel clips on each end of the strings so you can attach/detach in various combinations.  Patterns for these optional tote accessories are now available on the Benartex blog Sew in Love {with Fabric}.

When making the bag some of these detail shots could make things clearer when following my pattern instructions that are over on the Benartex blog page:


One side of the bag lining is created in 4 sections sewn together around the zipper.

The zippered pocket lining is created by stitching a square of fabric to the back of the zippered lining section.

Here's a couple of pics showing the top stitch detail around the zippered pocket sections.

This is how I attached the D-ring to the inside of the quilted outer bag.


Quilting the wallet.

Creating a D-ring loop.

Attaching the wallet D-ring loop.

How to position wallet outer, zipper and lining seams before sewing around 4 sides.

How to separate wallet outer and lining to close lining seam.

If you make a tote bag and/or wallet with key ring clip using my patterns I'd love to know.  You can share pics with me via the following links and using hashtags #mbCD and #madebyChrissieD.

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  1. Really nice design, Chris. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Great design and I love the fabrics. Thanks for sharing the details. xx

  3. What a lovely bag, and great tutorial with clear photos of each step. I've never tried sewing a bag before, but I do like this one.

  4. As always with your beautiful:) extremely beat stitching and beautiful fabric:)

  5. Great idea, love the fabric and seems to be the week for bags, lol

  6. It looks great, love the fabrics.

  7. Fantastic idea! And well done on having your pattern in the ezine!

  8. Thank you for the pattern and the tutorial, and for sharing them at The Really Crafty Link Party this week. But what I love the most are the fabrics you used, they are just beautiful!

  9. What a neat idea Chrissie and the detachable wallet and key ring is perfect! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Gorgeous! :) Of course I do love the fabrics... I wonder why.. ? :P Congrats for the magazine article!

  11. This is so clever, way above my sewing abilities but what a great look #TheRealCraftyLinkParty


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