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Wednesday 1 June 2016

How I Repaired - Torn Jeans

Second repair for Flicky - torn jeans where she's pulled on the belt loop to get into them!

My solution involves scraps of Liberty lawn and while I was repairing the hole I added some matching Liberty to the pocket.

I've glued the edges to hold the scrap fabric in place while I sew it into the jeans.  There's no point sewing the torn jeans back together, they'll tear again immediately first time Flicky pulls them up again.  Instead I've secured the scrap fabric to the denim surrounding the tear using running stitches and a Presencia No 3 Perle cotton thread.  The stitches should reinforce and strengthen the denim and the fabric scrap is now protecting Flicky's modesty as well as looking pretty cute ;D  

The lining fabric isn't as visible as it looks in the pic below, Flicky's pulling the offending belt loop upwards so you can see what I've done better.

More info on this type of stitching in this Sashiko blog post.

So now let's look how I added a decorative lining to the front jeans pocket.

This is how the finished jeans look

And Flicky loves them - YAY, Score!!!

Next up, my fave jeans need some stitching too.  Not sure if the stitching will be irritating to wear, I'll update once I know.  Update at 6 June 2016 - I've worn them and they're super comfortable, better than before so now I've decided all jeans should be lined with Liberty Tana Lawn!!!

So next time a pair of fave jeans are torn try my repair method and in no time your kids could be snapchatting photos of their "amazing jeans" to their friends too ;D 

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  1. This repair is gorgeous and I like how you've used the colourful fabric for contrast!

  2. Yes!!! A lovely way to repair jeans, Chris. I'll keep even the tiniest of Liberty scraps now.

  3. Awesome repair -- worthy of instagram or snapchat.

  4. What a pretty fix for those jeans! Great job Chris!!

  5. That is a lovely repair Chris, the Liberty fabric pocket is inspired :)

  6. What a super cute fix for torn jeans.

  7. Nice repair job - Liberty fabric should be involved in all repair projects as far as I'm concerned! xx

  8. Love the floral pocket. Looks really trendy.

  9. A lovely upcycle and repair too, love the fabric choice.

  10. I love the fabric that you used, and the stitching looks great!

  11. That is adorable!! What a great idea to save the pants and make them look even better! Thank you for sharing with us at the #HomeMattersParty

  12. Lots of people would pay extra to buy jeans so wonderfully repaired Chrissy! They look amazing!

  13. Thank you for sharing this wonderful tutorial at The Really Crafty Link Party this week! I need to keep this in mind to repair my kid's jeans! Pinned!

  14. So cool! I love the Liberty peeking out of the rip and pocket! My favorite pair of jeans have done just what yours did in the crotch!! Perfect timing...I need to repair them. Thanks for the idea!


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