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Thursday 31 March 2016

Inspiration At The NJ Quilt & Sewing Fest 2016

A couple of weeks ago a group of us from the NYC Metro MOD Quilt Guild headed out to the Mancuso Quilt & Sewing Fest of New Jersey in Somerset, NJ.

Let me tell you who we all are:
Back Row: Andrea; Andrea - co-owner at Gotham Quilts; Nellie
Front Row: Ivete - co-owner at Gotham Quilts; Chris - that's me!; Susan - owner at Easy Piecing

and this pic makes me giggle, what do we look like?  Though I do think I should apologise to Andrea for posting it!
Left to right: Ivete; Chris; Susan; Andrea; Sue; Eva

Before we look at the quilts here are three highlights from my day.

Absolutely the best thing that happened was that, after years of talking via the web, I finally met up with this lovely, lovely lady.  You'll probably recognise her but if not she's Jess Skultety of Quilt Habit - if you haven't visited her blog then now's the time to do it and  I'd recommend signing up for her bi-monthly newsletter The Wonky Press too, she's got a lot to share and Jess is def a rising star in the quilty world and one to watch.

You know what I wasn't prepared for - how tall Jess is!!!  To be fair I'm quite a short arse but look how I'm on my tiptoes in this pic and she's bending down next to me and still so much taller and she's wearing the Pretty Potent skirt she's shared with us on her blog, it was a lot of fun to finally meet :D

This is me with the wonderful Usha Berlin of Handloom Batiks, Hudson, NY.  Usha had a booth at the festival but as I've so much to share with you about Usha and her incredible block printed fabrics I'll be writing a separate post soon.

One of my fabulous friends and 'ladies who lunch' buddies is Susan Sato of Easy Piecing, Brooklyn, NY.  Here she is in her booth at the festival - if you're wanting anything Sashiko or paper pieced or unusual hand printed fabrics and silks she's your gal and you can keep up with where she'll be vending here on her website.  Susan's been busy developing her own Sashiko designs and kits that I'll be sharing with you in another post soon.

There was so much quilt inspiration and I took lots of pics of my faves to share.
Aside from quilt details, there'll be few words from me - enjoy the pics.

Silk Road Sampler - Melissa Sobotka
Best In Show 2016

My friends, Kitty Swires and Aleeda Crawley, with the NYC Empire Quilters Guild ROY G BIV fundraising quilt.

My friend, Betsy Vinegrad, had quite a number of quilts hanging at the show.  That's Betsy above with her Luminance quilt and her others are below.
Orbit - Betsy Vinegrad

Spare Change - Betsy Vinegrad
Judge's Choice 2016

The Big Swirl - Betsy Vinegrad, NJMQG

 Fly By Night - Betsy Vinegrad, NJMQG

Tipsy Teacups - Aleeda Crawley

The Blood Remembers - Sandy Curran
3rd Place Innovative 2016

A Slice of Pi - Connie Kinclus Griner
1st Place Modern 2016

Hungry Hunter - Anna Faustino
Best Sewing Machine Workmanship 2016

 Tulip Fields - Anna Faustino
Best Innovative Style Quilt 2016

Moonflower - Molly Y Hamilton-McNally
1st Place Innovative 2016

Magical Toys - Flora Joy
Best Wall Quilt 2016
See more of Flora's incredible trispective three-dimensional work here on her website.

Daisy-My Dachshund - Barbara Laskowski
Ivete is loving this quilt, she must be missing her own dachshund, Arnold.

Phlox - Joanna Monroe

Mysterious - Sherrie L Turkheimer

I love these 2 quilts but for some reason, I haven't taken down the info for each at the show.  If you know who made these quilts and/or what they're called please let me know so I can update this post.

Mariposa - Stacey Day
Third Place Pieced www.hoffmanchallenge.com
I was so excited to walk around a corner and see this quilt by my Vancouver-based friend Stacey - you can read more about my Vancouver adventures with Stacey and the Vancouver MQG here.

Controlled Chaos - Sally Davis

Bird Dance 
designed by Sue Spargo made by Julie Stockler quilted by Barbara Persing

Tropical Punch - Ann Horton
Best Use of Embellishments Innovative 2016
Reinventing the Wheel - Erin Davis, S Napier, S Cureton, C Calvert, J Ramsey, M Capron, J Passell
Honorable Mention Modern 2016

Dropcloth - M Mueller
Best Interpretation of Mid-Century Theme Modern 2016

Winter Fields - Cynthia L Vogt
Judge's Choice and Best Use of Color Innovative 2016

It all Adds Up - NJMQG Members Group Charity Quilt

Rachel's Quilt - Sue Erdreich, NJMQG
My Guild and Retreat buddy Sue with the fab quilt she's made for her daughter.  Rachel will be so pleased to finally get this one on her bed!!!

Urban Suburban - Tracy Baird, NJMQG
A Different Stripe - Group Quilt, NJMQG

Pink Zinnia - Deb Veshinfsky
Allentown Crazy Quilters - 2015 Paint Chip Challenge
Intermingle - Members Group Charity Quilt, NJMQG

Pinch Me!!! - Mary Harned
Curator's Choice Applique www.hoffmanchallenge.com

If you're still with me WOW you must really love looking at quilts as much as I do!  Now you'll probably need to stretch your legs and make a fresh cuppa, thanks for coming along with me to the NJ Quilt & Sewing Fest 2016 :D

When you're refreshed you'll want to click the link below to see more wonderful quilt exhibitions I've been to too: 

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  1. In my defense, I don't take many selfies. When I do (with my own phone), my phone takes the photo when you touch anywhere on the screen, so I'm not used to having to click on a particular spot. It's not my fault I was nomimated because I had the longest arms! Still, it was a fun day, and you've pretty much guaranteed that I won't be asked to take any more group selfies. 😁

  2. Thanks for the review of the amazing quilts at this show. I was there on Sunday and really enjoyed it. Quilts and the vendors = Awesome!

  3. Looks like you all had a great time Chris! I love the spare change quilt.

    1. It's a great quilt isn't it? It was at QuiltCon 2015 and is also in the new quilt book Sideways Spirals, go Betsy! :D

  4. Thanks Chris for the shout out! Rachel does love the quilt on her bed. :)

  5. Wow! Stunning quilts! Thanks for the peek at the show, Chris!

  6. You are too much!! It was GREAT to meet you, friend. Can't wait to hang out soon! Your quilt pics came out great, too!

  7. Love all those quilts. Thanks for sharing!!

  8. Wow! There are some fantastic quilts. I have to bookmark and come back again.

  9. This certainly makes up for losing Denver's Quilts at the Capitol and Denver National Quilt Festival. Thank you for the beautiful inspiration!

  10. Fabulous quilt show - I love seeing the ways people think up to make new and more wonderful quilts!

  11. Beautiful quilts, the world is full of amazingly dedicated crafters

  12. What a lot of inspirational quilts. The one that instantly caught my eye, was the pi one. Would my maths geek son love something like that?

    1. I studied the pi quilt for quite some time at the show, I loved all the different ways pi was represented in the quilt, def one of my all time fave quilts :D


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