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Monday 25 February 2013

Quilt Twins And Other News

Way, way back, in fact all the way back to 7 October last year (wow that feels like soooo long ago!) I shared this applique block with you on my post Another Week In Manhattan

Finally I can share the full story with you.

At my Manhattan LQS staff and friends made 'animal' blocks to put together two quilts for my friend and LQS tutor, Karen on the birth of her twins, Georgia and Weston (I blogged about their birth back on 25 September).

Here's some photos of the finished quilts that Karen posted on facebook last week - spot my cow right there on Georgia's quilt :)

Karen says she's blown away by the quilts, which are awesome and especially as she knows exactly what's involved in a handmade gift  and that makes them even more special - isn't that so true?  

Weston and Georgia were 5 months old this week and Karen posted this gorgeous photo of them having fun on their quilt - and there it is - Weston is 'hugging' my cow - that pic makes me so happy (don't you just love his 'THUG' top?!!!).

Aren't they both just amazing with the best smiles?  

A couple of weeks ago Flicky had a day off school so we got to spend the afternoon playing with these two treasures.  Check out this photo of Weston loving his ladies (don't look at me and Flicky - there was a snow storm that day and we'd gone out dressed for that, not for a photo shoot, and my other excuse is that it's a phone photo!)

Some other hot news from Manhattan is that Victoria Findlay Wolfe, President of my NYC Metro Mod Quilt Guild has taken the 'Best In Show' award at QuiltCon, Austin, Texas this week.

which includes:
Welcome to QuiltCon 2013!
Angela Walters: Machine Quilting for the Modern Quilt
Heather Jones: Everyday Inspiration in Modern Quilts
Lectures 4/5/6/7/8
and the Awards Ceremony

My final bit of news is to share this photo of my son, Joe, with an Eli Manning signed no 10 NY Giants' jersey.  Manning, Quarterback for the NY Giants and MVP at the 2007 & 2011 season NFL Superbowl finals, donated this jersey to Flicky to help her raise funds for her Dwight School charity WISER.  In her own words Flicky raises funds to "provide education and safety for girls in Muhuru Bay, Kenya, because those girls are usually married by 14, pregnant by 15, and if they survive childbirth they will sell themselves to the sex trade to provide for their family".  Flicky included the jersey in a successful fund raising raffle at Dwight School earlier in January.

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  1. Those Quilts and twins are adorable!
    Flicky is an amazing person to head up such charity at her age!

    1. Thanks Ann, hope you're feeling much better today! We're pretty proud of Flicky and all that she does - studying for her International Baccalaureate Diploma has been an incredible experience for her and has brought out a side of her personality that we'd never seen before, she's really quite amazing :)

  2. What a great idea for a group baby quilt - they are adorable! The babies are too of course! And I agree with Ann - your daughter is doing something extraordinary!

    1. Isn't she Cynthia, young people have so much opportunity now to influence/change what's going on around the world, it's really quite amazing :)

  3. What a great post - such a lovely quilt for the gorgeous twins! And how wonderful that the signed shirt is for charity. The wining quilt is impressive. Did you get to chat to Victoria at all?

    1. You know I had to cancel my QuiltCon plans at the 11th hour so unfortunately I wasn't there, but I was kept up to date with texts and photos 'as it happened' from my room mate Maren. I so wish I'd been there but I'm very much looking forward to getting to see the winning quilt 'in person' at a future guild meeting. :)

  4. Such cute baby quilts and adorable twins :) And Victoria's quilt is stunning. And congrats to your son for helping that charity :)

    1. Thanks for that Janine, looking forward to seeing that quilt up close and personal! :)

  5. Sweet baby quilts and beautiful twins, great photo of them all together!

    Congrats to your son and daughter for such imaginative fund raising for a really worthwhile cause.

    1. Thank you, they're all adorable, my babies included too!!! :)


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