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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Triangles Galore - My July Bee Block

They've arrived, the fabric and instructions for my July Bee Block from my Queen Bee Lisa. The block is the Triangles Galore block designed by our own NYC Mod Quilt Guild President, Victoria Findlay Wolfe and Lisa's instructions are here and I'm also linking up to Victoria's original blog tutorial and pattern pdf.

I'm in love with the purple/pink/blue iris fabric - it's Iris and Peony Magenta by Philip Jacobs for Rowan Westminster.  You might remember I used his Primula fabric in my Sparkle Plenty quilt and given that it's another paper piecing block I'm really excited about this one :)

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  1. Oh it's gorgeous fabric and block!
    With your Bee posts... I really want to find a Bee to get involved with!

    1. Isn't it Ann Michelle! I've started on the block, done 3 of 8 triangle points so far and it's not going quite as fast as the NYB block did, which has surprised me. Good fun though and will keep me out of mischief for another day yet.

      Do find a Bee, it's great fun with a bit of anxiety thrown in just to make it really interesting! Did you ever read my post about the first Bee Block I cut out? The first was the worst, I'm not so worried now I'm on my 3rd! Here's the link in case you didn't see it Cutting Out My First Bee Block


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