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Thursday 28 June 2012

The Angst Continues ...

If you follow my blog regularly you'll already know that two days ago I was the lucky recipient of the Liebster Award from Tara Knight of Happy Momma Quilts.  You'll also remember that I made quite a meal of the process of picking 5 lucky bloggers to pass the award on to.

Today, I thought I'd share with you a few short stories about how some of those recipients have felt when they too have discovered they are Liebster winners ...

Story 1
 I gave the award to my daughter and her friend for their blog about One Direction, the British Boy Band.  This was the only award that I made to a blog outside the quilting community but, although she was delighted, she said "take it back though Mum cos you don't do stuff like that on Tumblr".  I told her to keep it and  just not do anything with it!

Story 2
 Another recipient's initial response was "Wow! How sweet of you", swiftly followed (after reading the rules) by an email expressing concern about about how busy she is and asking can she delay in handing it out to her 5 chosen bloggers. 

I told her not to get herself in the pickle I did over it, as I don't think that's what Tara was wishing for me when she passed it to me and it's certainly not what I was wishing on her so to leave it until she's ready.  Having done all my research I'm guessing there's no Liebster Award police out there to come and get her.

Story 3
This morning I received an email from a third recipient.  She wanted to own up to having already won a Liebster and on receiving my award and reading my post had realised that at some point, probably during a page reorganisation, she's accidentally deleted her side bar button.  She said that she was "very touched and grateful" but, based I guess on my criteria for choosing recipients, she asked that I took the award back and passed it on to someone else and apologised for making my task more difficult.

I quickly replied telling her that in my searching I'd seen lots of others that had won many times and that I'd just used that as a criteria to try to make my list shorter, it didn't change the fact that I love her blog so I asked her please to keep the award and owned up to the fact that I couldn't face going back to my possible recipient list just now.

I explained the stories from the two other recipients (without naming names - apart from my daughter!) and she then shared with me her own Liebster experience, which was just as difficult and funny as mine.

So this has all set me off thinking again ... 
  • how must she have felt when she read my post and realised her award button had disappeared yet she'd already been given a Liebster?
  • how did the recipient feel when she was pleased but so busy?
  • and how did my daughter feel having to tell me she can't/won't use it on Tumblr?
and all this alongside my angst at who to give it to in the first place and concern at appearing ungrateful to Tara, who presented me with the award, and the ungracious manner in which I've accepted it with all my blogging about it when actually I'm still really delighted that she thought to give it to me. 

I haven't heard from the final 2 recipients and, who knows what they are feeling right now ... I do hope they are simply basking in the glory and thrilled to have been chosen - I'm sure that's what the award's really all about, isn't it?

I'm slightly amused wondering how much difficulty the award causes others or if, as my daughter says, it's just me!? Then again, my husband's first comment when I got it was "urgghh, that's a chain letter", more food for thought! 

 If anyone out there in Blogland has a story they'd like to tell about how receiving this award has affected them, I'd love to hear it.  I can't offer any advice or counselling but maybe we can all laugh about it together :)

But for the rest of today, I'm just going to do some quilting!!! 

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  1. Sort of the same thing happened to me when I was trying to award the Liebster Award. Someone had trouble with all the requirements. Someone had already won it once. Someone else totally ignored it! What trouble for something that's supposed to be fun! You did good in the end and that's all that counts.

    1. Thanks Rosemary for sharing, it makes me feel so much better :)

      I'd seen the award button on people's blogs and wondered what it was and if I'd ever be lucky enough to receive it. So I've decided to share my experience in the hope that others, knowing a little more of what the award's about, maybe won't take the process quite so seriously and just have fun!

  2. I ran into the same type of thing handing out Liebsters, and also had the same thought as your husband...was this like the chain letter of blog world? Not sure, but hey, any publicity is good publicity when you have a small blog, right?!?! :)

    1. Absolutely agree Ellie, if it gets your blog out there ... :)

  3. I've been awarded the Liebster award twice now and both times, I wrote the sender to say how much I appreciated it! However, as good as I feel at receiving awards, I know there are many, many others out there in blogland who don't receive awards - for one reason or another. It's hard to put into words, but when I'm given an award, all I can think about are those that are "left out." For that reason, I chose not to pass on the awards nor did I acknowledge receipt of them on my blog. Each person who made the award to me expressed understanding when I explained my position. Also, having a "Award Free" button on your blog doesn't guarantee that it won't be awarded anyway since many readers view blogs through google reader or some other aggragate. I'm know I'm "odd" when it comes to awards, but I feel better not accepting them. Hope this makes sense! It's just another point of view.

    1. As you say Terri, another interesting and valid viewpoint.

      Also I hadn't given a thought to how a blog looks to someone if they're not reading a blog directly via a computer/laptop as that's the only way I do it so hadn't thought about how it would look different in other formats. I wonder if that's something I need to look into at this stage while my blog's small and even where to start if I do, particularly when I have no first hand knowledge of other formats? I might have to canvas opinion on that as well! :)

  4. I'm so glad there aren't any "Liebster Police" out there. LOL! I really was swamped on the day you left me the award (which really was very sweet.) I received over 160 emails requesting to join the blog hop I started on the very day you sent that to me. I responded to each one, plus the responses to the responses. The Liebster award will be showing up on my blog tomorrow, but I think that is probably as far as I'll get for now. Thanks again!

    1. Thanks for the mention on your blog today Carol. I can't believe you replied to 160+ emails so quickly. Fabulous response to your blog hop though, I'm really disappointed to not be joining in but I'll be following you as you go, good luck :)


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