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Thursday, 30 June 2016

Quilt Match 2016 - Meet The Contenders

Announcing Quilt Match 2016 hosted by the Quilt Alliance at this year's annual Quilters Take Manhattan main event on Saturday, 24 September at FIT, Manhattan.

Quilters Take Manhattan

Each year at QTM, Quilt Match brings together 3 contenders for the Featherweight Champ of the Quilt World title.  Previous contenders include Luke Haynes; Heather Jones; Denyse Schmidt; Karla Overland; Laurie Russman and last year's winner Edyta Sitar. Quilt Match contenders have one hour to design and lay out a quilt top - 'no patterns, no plans, no regrets'.

I expect you're wondering who this year's Quilt Match contenders will be, well one of them is none other than me.  I've been chosen to represent the NYC Metro MOD Quilt Guild and I can now share details of who my fellow contenders will be. 

Quilters Take Manhattan Quilt Match Contenders

Aleeda Crawley will be representing another NYC Quilt Guild, Empire Quilters, and the third contender is none other than Mary Fons.  You'll probably already have come across Mary via her magazine and tv appearances, fabric line or book and if you don't already read Mary's blog, PaperGirl, then I highly recommend you check it out. I'm an avid reader of her blog showcasing her incredible written voice and my fave go-to blog read with my morning cuppa.

This is a pic (and post) of me with Mary taken a couple of years ago when I worked the shop floor at The City Quilter.

Chris Dodsley and Mary Fons

We each had to submit a  contender name and fight song.  You'll have to watch this teaser video released by the Quilt Alliance to find out what I've chosen but I'll give you a clue, it's something fun and very English ;D

Tickets for the main event are already sold out but you can always buy a 'Moda Home Ticket' and be there with us virtually.  Featured speakers are Kaffe Fassett with Brandon Mably; Dr Carolyn L Mazloomi and Mark Lipinski.  Emcee is Mary Fons and, of course, you'll get to see me in Quilt Match as it happens too and I'll be wearing something very special on the day!!!

Quilters Take Manhattan Home Ticket

The Moda Home Ticket for US residents includes the QTM main event goody bag - here's what was in my bag in 2015.

Quilters Take Manhattan Goody Bag

There are still spaces available at the add-on events - and you don't have to attend the main event to get involved in these.  I'll be at Behind the Scenes at the Met Museum's Textile Centre on Friday and Sunday With Sponsors! as well as being a QTM Volunteer.  If you're free and in the NYC area think about joining us:

Friday Events: including Garment District tours; Quilter Scavenger Hunt; and Museum Events; 
Sunday Events: including Sunday with Sponsors!; 9/11 Memorial Museum Tour; and Brooklyn Museum of Art Tour.

Let me know if you're going to be there, be sure to say "hi" and I'd love your support during Quilt Match too :D

Quilters Take Manhattan

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  1. What an honour, Chris!!! So very exciting.

  2. What a thrill! You go girl!

  3. Congratulations! How exciting! Can't wait to hear more about it!

  4. Hi Chris, you're gonna be great! I was thinking about purchasing a Home ticket until I saw this on the website: "Please note: this year’s Home Ticket will not include footage of QTM lectures and interviews due to prohibitive cost." I wonder if it includes the quilt match...

    1. Ha, thanks Sue, hope the 'coat of arms' brings me luck ;D I believe the Home Ticket does include Quilt Match - at least it says so in QTM's facebook post from 30 June at 17:27. I tried to include a direct link to the actual post here but I can't make it work :D

  5. Oh I love it Chris! I've just got to watch the trailer video and I love your name and song choice!!! Good luck - it looks like so much fun!

    1. Trialled a few names and songs on my kids and Simon before settling on these but they were top contenders from the start. Looking forward to it, should be a giggle :D

  6. Well done spice girl - hope everything goes to plan :) I've watched lots of Mary's video's on Youtube and was sorry when she left the Fons & Porter site. Anyway - good luck to you :)

    1. I love watching all the quilting shows on the PBS channel here in the states. Such a shame they show them in the middle of the night, I have the DVR set to record them and watch them with my morning cuppa! :D

  7. Der Quilt im Video ist ja eine tolle Idee
    Für eine Hochzeit finde ich das ganz toll
    Liebe Grüße Karo

  8. Wow - competitive quilting. Sounds a bit scary. Best of luck.

  9. Wow how exciting, can't wait to hear more

  10. Sounds amazing, good luck!

  11. I tried to sign up for the HOME ticket but not getting confirmation ( how did I miss the live event?) can you confirm please ? Sounds like so much fun Susankjacobs@gmail.com


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