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Monday 22 December 2014

To Boldly Go - A Trekkie's Travel Bag

Even men need travel bags, and masculine laminated cotton isn't always easy to find.  For Christmas 2013 I was on a travel/wash bag roll and everyone in my family received one as a Christmas gift, including the men.  This is the travel bag I made for my husband, Simon.

The outside laminate is NYC Subway map - on licence from MTA and available only from The City Quilter in Manhattan where I teach.  Available in 100% cotton and also as a laminate it's a really great print - I've used it for quilts 

and gifts.

So the laminate was a perfect choice for Simon's travel bag...

... and inside I included some fabric from one of his all time favourite TV series - Star Trek by Camelot Cottons.

I fussy cut the fabric so The Enterprise was as visible as possible.  I've turned the wash bag inside out here so you can see just how that lining looks!

And then the co-ordinating tissue cover and yes that too has Star Trek lining.

Over the last 12 months, Simon has travelled across the world pretty much weekly and the travel bag has boldly gone with him - it's safe to say it's been a huge hit.

You might be interested in also seeing another masculine laminate fabric I've used for wash bags, I've posted about it here: A Good Snapshot Or A Total Wash Out?

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  1. It is hard to get masculine laminates isn't it, I think you definitely scored with that subway fabric. I am now wishing that I had noticed it and bought some when I paid a flying visit to the City Quilter Chrissie :)

  2. I loved your Trekkie's Travel Bag. It's a perfect gift for a man. I did a Makeup bag with the same laminated cotton that I bought on City Quilter! Do you have a tip to sew laminates?
    You can see the Makeup bag here: http://radicalquilt.blogspot.com.br/

    1. I love, love, love your make up bag, especially with the brushes section attached. My tips would be to invest in a teflon zipper foot for your machine and if you don't want the expense of that use painter's tape/masking tape on the sole of your usual zipper foot to prevent the foot sticking to the laminate. You can also use a sheet of tissue paper between the laminate and your sewing machine bed to prevent sticking - just tear the tissue paper away after sewing. They're the main tips I give to my students when I teach my laminates classes - Chris :D

  3. It's funny readinyour post now, as I made the very same things for the 3 kids at work :) they were very happy with their Christmas gifts :)))) Merry Christmas to you! XO

  4. These are all great gifts! Love the laminate fabrics.

  5. Love it! Happy new year! silvana

  6. You have been busy, great gifts!

  7. This is such a brilliant gift idea for a man, must remember this when looking for a gift for my hubby this year. Love the fabric choice. Also love the way you have used the fabric on the quilts. Hope the new year is off to a great start for you. :)


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