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Wednesday 10 April 2013

What's The Best Compliment You Can Receive? - A Third Liebster Award

Now don't go hitting that back button quite so quickly ...
yes, I know you're very probably sick of hearing it from me by now ...
 just give me a chance to explain!

I've been nominated again for a Liebster Award, I know it's my third time but I don't care, I'm truly delighted at the compliment so I'm accepting it very graciously and saying a big 'thank-you' to 

Nati @Nati's little things

So - here's the rules:
1) Provide 11 random pieces of information about myself,
2) Answer 11 questions posed by the person that nominated me;
3) And nominate 11 other blogs and pose their own questions.

but you'll be pleased to know I'm not going to do 1) and 3) but I am going to answer the 11 questions that Nati's asked me, cos that's kind of interesting for me to think about and you can get to know me a bit better that way too:

 1. What is your most bought craft item?
 After the obvious fabric and thread and books then I'd have to say straight pins - I sew over my pins (don't all shout at me at once) and my Bernina is incredibly forgiving and copes admirably with them, seldom breaking a machine needle but if it does hit a pin then its guaranteed to bend it.  I keep all of my bent pins in a separate pin cushion and still use them for work that can tolerate bent pins.  However, when I'm piecing I use perfectly straight pins as I don't want the pin to allow the fabric to move out of place which a bent pin would.

2.  If you looked at your fabric stash now, which colour do you have more fabric of?
Blue, I have all my fabrics stashed in clear plastic boxes by colour and I have only 1 box for each colour apart from blue which currently needs at least 3 boxes and could be pushing 4!!! 

As I was typing this it made me wonder just what this says about me so I did a bit of colour blue personality research and I can tell you my jaw dropped at what I discovered - it's like someone got right inside my head and wrote down everything they learnt about me, SCARY!!! 

3.  Which is your favourite place to work on your craft?
 I worried about this one when we moved to a 2 bed city apartment from our large country house.  My work area is now at one end of our living room rather than me having my own work room and I find this suits me surprisingly well as I can sew around the clock yet still be part of family life.  Flicky did suggest that I move everything into her bedroom when she goes off to Uni but I'm going to leave it all where it is because if I move out of the living room Simon and I may never see each other again.  On second thoughts maybe Flicky's on to a good idea!!!

4.  Do you rather iron or clean?
 Iron - only quilting fabric obviously, Simon does the rest!

5.  If you had a magic wand, what would you fix?
 My daughter's eye sight.

6.  How many countries have you visited? Do you keep count or did you have to think hard at this question?
Seventeen - I don't keep count so I started going through them in my head then had to write them down!

Balearic Islands/Belgium
Canary Islands
North America
Puerto Rico

7.  Apart from crafting, what is your favourite thing to do?
Meet up with others to read books and watch movies and then discuss them
I'm a member of the JC Book Club, currently reading Just Kids by Patti Smith 
and The International Crime Book Group currently reading Blood of the Wicked by Leighton Gage 
and I'm also involved in The Stanley Kubrick Meetup currently watching and reading A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess

8.  What is your favourite flower?
 White Lilies

9.  What is the most striking, funny item in your wardrobe?
 I can honestly say there's nothing.  When we emigrated to the States in August 2011 we knew there was no room in our new apartment for anything other than essentials so everything that you hang on to over the years, all those nostaligic, sentimental items and pieces that could be great to use for fancy dress, etc were all thrown away, given away or sold. I've now got the most functional, organised wardrobes ever, even down to sorting all my clothes by type, sleeve length and colour!

10.  Do you speak any foreign languages?
 Yes French and Latin - though for some reason most French people I know prefer to talk to me in English and there's not much call to speak Latin these days.  However, in the last 20 months I've become fluent in American English and I am currently working on my American twang ;) 

11.  Who is your favourite person ever?
 Each of my 3 children knows that they're my favourite!!!

So do you think there might be a Super Liebster Award for the most nominated blog?  I really hope so but more than that it would be great to think that people continue to enjoy my blog enough to keep nominating me!

Thanks again Nati :)

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  1. It was great to read about you... I have a bunch of white Lilies next to me as I type away... And yes we may need to make you a button for your blog that says Super Liebster Award!

    1. I can smell those lilies just thinking about them Nati, so intoxicating - I love them. Thanks so much again for the nomination :)

  2. :) Congratulations on getting another Liebster! I'm impressed that you speak Latin, and that you've been to so many countries! I think my stash has lots of yellows, but that's just because the blues and greens (my favorite) get used up so quickly! I'm not really a "yellow" personality. I'm definitely a "blue."

    1. The only use I've had for Latin in my life Tiffany has been to help my kids with their homework when they too had to learn it, oh and sometimes it's come in handy when I've been buying plants for the garden! I think us Brits travel a lot too because everywhere in Europe is so near and easy to get to - now if you asked me how many US States I've visited that'd be quite a different story totalling a mere 5 but I don't mind working on improving that! And another 'blue' personality, you're most def my kind of person :)

  3. Well your blog is wonderful and your personality just bubbles through. Well, at least I think it is your personality. I've never talked with you face to face. :)
    congratulations, again!

    1. Ann that is so very lovely of you, made me really happy because it's hard to know what sort of 'voice' you have when you're blogging so I just write as it comes and it never ceases to amaze me that people stop by to read what I say. Flicky tells me that it sounds like the 'real' me when she reads my posts and I guess she'd know better than most! Thank you for being so kind :)

  4. OMG! I could lose myself on the colour personality site for ages!!!!! Completely agree with your ironing quilting fabrics only (ironing is such a rare occurance in our household that one year I ironed a shirt for my husband as part of his birthday present!!!!!) and it sounds like Gok Wan would be proud of your wardrobe.....!!!!!!!! x

    1. Can't bear cleaning but did make the ironing much more fun by buying a fabric steamer and now Simon can get through that ironing pile in half the time!!! As for Gok Wan, I taught him and the perfect housewife, Anthea Turner, all they know ;)

  5. Congrats again. It is fun to read your responses to the questions.

    1. Thanks Michele, one of the best things about the Liebster is seeing what the questions are that are being asked :)


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