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Tuesday 9 April 2013

Let's Start At The Very Beginning - 5 Things To Share With You

I've lots of news which I figure I can break down into 5 main areas so where to start? Why at the very beginning of course!

1. I'm A Giveaway Winner
If you're following me on facebook you'll already know that last week Kati @from the blue chair emailed me to say that I was a winner in her giveaway - 10 Pure Elements fat quarters on the way to me courtesy of Julie @The Intrepid Thread - how happy was I and all I did was tell her that my current fave fabric is Robert Kaufman Essex Linen!!!   Well the fat quarters have arrived and they're really pretty gorgeous aren't they?

Thank you Kati and Julie :) 

Oh and if you want to catch up with me via facebook just click here and hit 'like' to get updates sent to your facebook wall :)

2. NYC Metro Mod Quilt Guild
 Last Saturday I went over to my NYC Metro Mod Quilt Guild meeting and there were lots of great quilts in our 'Show & Tell' if you want to take a look.  We were all given Guild pin badges, which I proudly wore all day - well I actually forgot all about it, wore it to my Film Club meetup and then when I met Flicky for dinner she immediately told me to remove it as we took our seats in the restaurant!

I have a bit of Guild news too - Victoria @VictoriaFindlayWolfeQuilts and Encyclopedia @CocktailsandThread are stepping down as our President and Secretary but we have chosen two fabulous replacements - Lisa @TheRedHeadedMermaid as President and David (I don't think David blogs but I do know he reads my blog so hopefully he'll correct me if I'm wrong!!!) will be our next Secretary.  

So a sad 'bye' to V & E and a big 'hi' to L & D :)

3. Mum's Birthday Apron
Have to tell you all that Mum's Birthday Apron was the biggest success ever.  She's loves it so much and wore it all day but it had to be practically prised off her later in the day when my Aunt and Uncle became concerned that she might even wear it out that evening to go dancing with friends! ;)

Just to clarify that's my daughter, Flicky modelling the apron, not my Mum!!!

4. Etsy Shop
I really need to get to grips with starting my Esty Shop, so many people keep asking me when it's going to be ready and the answer is that I keep getting involved with doing/making other things and not making time to get my business started.  My great friend Wendy has offered to give me a weekly kick up the backside which is just what I need to focus and motivate me.  I've promised her that from this week I'm not going to work on anything else until I've got my internet shop up and running.

So I've started out by sewing my new labels into the pile of quilts I've already made to sell and I've made another baby/lap quilt to add to the pile.  This one's fmq'd with a floral design and I've handtied the centre of each flower.  Here's a sneak peek:

5. Hoboken Walk
Two weeks ago it was snowing and freezing here but this week it's quite a different story with the temperature today up to 29C/84.2F.  I was out and about early this morning taking a walk and thought I'd share some photos with you of where I live on the Hudson River at the Hoboken/Jersey City border.  I've shown you photos of the Jersey City waterfront before and today it's Hoboken's turn.

Pier A Park, Hoboken - the trees were planted as a memorial to 9/11 victims
1907 Hoboken Terminal
View down to 1 WTC
Erie, Lackwanna Ferry Terminal and view down to Jersey City
View over to the bottom of the High Line, the Meatpacking District and the Empire State Building
Inside the Railroad Terminal Building (still under renovation after Hurricane Sandy)
The fabulous Railroad Terminal Building Tiffany Ceiling
Laying the controversial gas pipeline over to Manhattan
Newport to Hoboken Waterfront Walkway
Newport Green Park & Beach, built last year next door to my apartment building

I hope you've enjoyed catching up with all my news and taking a look at my part of the world
 ChrissieD :)

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  1. Congratulations on your win - what gorgeous colours! Good luck with the etsy shop. I'm sure it will go well for you. I love that glass ceiling - stunning!

    1. I wonder about an Etsy Shop really I do but I won't know if I don't try! That Tiffany ceiling is just wonderful isn't it? I do love how unexpected it is for visitors when I show it to them :)

  2. Great post Chrissy. What fabulous views you have around you! V jealous x

    1. I do love it Gertie but it was funny when Flicky and I came back from Scotland two weeks ago it all suddenly had lost a little bit of its magic and just looked like an industrial, grey, dirty mess after seeing the green rolling hills all tipped with snow. I used to think I'd never tire of it so that feeling surprised me a bit. :)

  3. OMG, you just gave me a huge shot of nostalgia. I spent my childhood in NYC and haven't been back since I was 12. Congrats on the giveaway win, thats always such a spirit lifter!

    1. I'm delighted you enjoyed the photos and you're so right about winning a giveaway :)

  4. My you've been busy! I'm interested on your thoughts on the Etsy shop. I have been toying with opening one myself and would love to talk to you about it. Thanks for the shout out on Prez! Hehe. It will be fun. oxox

    1. Etsy - it's a funny one isn't it, a faceless one in a multitude but what other route to take instead - then again, what's there to lose? I'll test the water and then we'll have to have lunch and chat about it :)

  5. Congrats on your win and good luck with your shop launch! I enjoyed seeing all your pictures :)

    1. I hear it can take a while for Etsy shops to take off and you have to be patient but I figure nothing can happen at all if I don't ever open it! I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures too :)

  6. What a lovely giveaway you won! Love your skyline photo's - I've only been to NY once and would love to visit again one day. Love your hand-tying in the baby quilt, the sneak peek is indeed teasing!

    1. Those giveaway Pure Element solids are so fine and silky and gorgeous Sonia, so different from texture of Kona and I think they would be a great weight to put alongside Liberty fabrics. Oh do come back to NYC sometime and see me, what fun that would be!

      I've made another quilt today for the shop, just need to bind it tomorrow - I'm working my way through my pile slowly but surely, I've got 11 ready to go so far. Need a sunny Sunday this weekend to take some photos :)

  7. I do love visiting the city, haven't been in a while, but now that I am a quilter I have a whole new apprecaition for the beauty I see around me.

    1. Oh I'm a nightmare Michele for seeing quilting inspiration and our favourite restaurant by our apartment is the best/worst place to eat with me because there are many wonderful designs that would make perfect quilt patterns on the ceiling, walls, floor, upholstery and curtains - even my husband has started to join in spotting them! Maybe I should photograph them and share?! :)


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