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Friday, 12 April 2013

Guess Who I Caught Making Something!!!

Check her out - yep, that's Flicky, I walked in and caught her busy making a drawstring bag as part of a present for someone very small that she knows quite well.  The truth is she's incredibly creative but it doesn't really interest her at this point in her life - so I loved finding her busy at the machine and it gives me hope that one day we can maybe even quilt together!!!  

As soon as she headed off to school next morning I snapped a few photos of the bag to share with you, I think she did a pretty great job ...

I've been out today with my good friend Annette - it was another fun day starting off at my LQS (obviously!) and then we had lunch at the Rubin Museum of Art - fabulous Himalayan cuisine, absolutely delicious.  The day was tinged with sadness for me though as Annette is going back to live in Vienna and this was our last day out together before she leaves.  I'll miss attending quilting classes and events with her, pouring over fabrics together, admiring each other's latest projects and also our trips to the NY Philharmonic Open Rehearsals.  Of course, we can facebook, email and text and Annette will be following my quilting adventures via my blog but I so hope that one day our paths will cross and we'll meet in person again.

I know just what it's like to pack your life into boxes and move across the world so I wanted to give Annette something that would easily fit in a tiny gap in her suitcase but that would remind her time in Manhattan, of our LQS and of our friendship.  I know she's setting up her own sewing room when she gets back to her home so I decided on a pin cushion made with our LQS' exclusive NYC fabrics.

I hope she'll have wonderful memories of her time here each time she sits to sew.

 Goodbye, Annette, I'll miss you x

And there's nothing like buying fabric to cheer you up so here's a look at what I picked up today at my LQS with 3 new projects in mind
Yuwa Live Life Collection Premium 'Laundry', Robert Kaufman Essex Linen
Melody Miller Ruby Star Sparkle 'Phones Ring A Ling', Echino 'cycling'
Amy Butler 'Alchemy', Dear Stella 'Petal Pusher', Alexander Henry 'Rivoli Curl', Moda Aneela Hoey 'Carnation French Knot' Sew Stitchy, P&B Textiles Bear Essentials, 'Spot On' Makower Basics

and finally a sneak peek at another baby/lap quilt that I made yesterday

I'm really hoping for some sunshine on Sunday so I can get outside and photograph the pile of quilts I have ready for my Etsy store - according to Weather.com I should be lucky though looking out of my window right now it's pretty hard to believe!

Oh and just before I finish I must mention a pressie that Flicky received today from someone that Simon works with - a St Andrews Tote Bag along with a congratulations note - how wonderful is that?  And Flicky, true to form, immediately set about putting the bag to good use carrying our dog Thatcher 'Tatty' around the apartment (apols for the photo quality I snapped them with my phone)!

Enjoy your weekend everyone :)

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  1. I have a Sew Ezi myself!

    Lovely fabrics, great ideas and wonderful dog.


    1. Do you love your Sew Ezi as much as I do? Such a good investment! And that Tatty dog, she'll do anything - she's an absolute treasure :)

    2. Yes, the investment of this table is worth each Cent. I have a huge table in my sewing room where I usually sit and sew, but when I quilt I put up my SE-table and there is no better way to quilt like this way. I am glad that we have one store in Germany who sells it.


    3. I ordered it 'unseen' off the internet. I was so nervous as I'd read a couple of bad reviews on the internet about the legs breaking but I decided to take a chance and I'm soooo glad I did. My table's up all the time so I've not had an issue with the legs and I'd recommend the table to anyone.

      I also purchased the optional accessory tray which I use all the time and the optional wooden insert which is great when I'm working in the round such as with a bag or sleeve and need to be able to use the machine's free arm. :)

  2. I love the way you quilted the baby quilt - very unique!

    1. I've been trying out some new styles and mixing my straight quilting and fmq. I'm really enjoying it and I'm really pleased with the results. I'm hoping to take my 'proper' photos this weekend and then you'll be able to see what I've been doing much better :)

  3. OMG I love Tatty in that bag! So funny

    1. That dog will let Flicky do anything, which is a pretty good thing as you know! I think she's really a dog of little brain (it's okay she can't hear me!) but doesn't that just make her so adorable?! What do you think Arnold would think of her? :)


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