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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Project Update And Shout Out For The Agitprop Quilter

At my LQS with my Double Irish Chain quilt top

 Quick update on my two ongoing projects:

Here's a photo taken at my Manhattan LQS of me and my Double Irish Chain quilt.  Need to order some white batting before I can sandwich the quilt though - I think the white blocks are sooo very white that the natural cream coloured batting that I usually use may dirty its appearance.

Making good progress with my Dad's Memory Quilt - I've finished half of the top sheet and 3/4 of the backing sheet.  Regular followers will know the drill by now 

"I can't post any photos of my Dad's Memory Quilt on my blog as it's a present for my Mum and she wants it to be a surprise so again I've posted some photos to my facebook page as my Mum doesn't have facebook and can't see it there."  

If you want to see how it's looking, just click this link :D

I also want to give a special shout out to my good friend Maren (previously referred to as 'M' as part of that mysterious and unspoken blogging etiquette) who has this week decided to take the plunge and go 'live' with her quilting blog.  Be sure to take a look as she has such a witty and wry writing style which is incredibly refreshing! 

The Agitprop Quilter

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  1. This is a very pretty low volume quilt Chrissie! I think you are right about the white batting. Those big pink areas look like they could be very fun to quilt - lots of options!

    1. Had a little laugh to myself when I read your comment. Last week I bought fabric to join in the low volume fabric swap that's currently doing the quilt blog rounds but left signing up until I got home only to find all the places had been filled. Seems ironic that I was creating a LV quilt all along and didn't even have a clue what one was until I found out about the fabric swap and had to look up what it meant!

      I've ordered the white batting now - I did try a piece of natural batting behind the white before I placed the order and the way it changed the tone of the quilt was really something.

      I've been thinking and thinking about how to quilt this and I think I've decided to go for the traditional diagonals through the white chains and then to fmq the pink squares. Still there's plenty time for me to change my mind again before that batting arrives!

      C :)

  2. I was gonna leave a comment, but went to visit Maren's blog first and got lost :) It's such a beautiful quilt Chrissie! I love the pink and white together, was it hard to make? Irish chain is on my to-do list!

    1. Kati, it was the easiest quilt ever - basically it's just 2 block designs, 1 mainly self colour with alternate colour corners (9 block) and 1 alternate colour (20 block). You piece-make it really quickly by sewing long strips, cutting and resewing as alternate squares. Felt a bit weird sewing some of the same fabric (on mine its the pink) to itself to make the self-colour blocks but this way you get the same 'sewn' lines across the whole quilt. I have seen some quilts made with these self colour blocks cut to size rather than sewn to size, personally I like the stitched lines making the quilt more balanced visually.


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