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Monday, 20 August 2012

Will Blogging Help Me Sleep?

I'm pretty sure the answer is "no" but here goes!

I'm currently working on 2 quilts - one is my Dad's Memory Quilt made using his shirts.  I can't post any photos as it's a present for my Mum and she wants it to be a surprise but, having spent many hours cutting the shirts into usable fabric (I really can't believe just how long that took!), I've now started the piecing and I'm making quite good headway with the top. I think it could take a while as I have lots of other projects I'll have to crack on with alongside it but I'm pleased with progress so far :)   Update: I've popped a photo of my sample block on my facebook page as my Mum doesn't have facebook and can't see it there, so you can just click this link and take a look if you're interested :D

The second quilt is a 50" x 70" Double Irish Chain quilt as part of a class at my LQS in Manhattan. I've chosen a new fabric called Oval Elements in Petal Pink by Pat Bravo as the main focus and the 2 chain lines are Kona Solid White.  If you're interested in doing an Irish Chain quilt, single, double or triple then the book I'm using is called TIME for a Chain II by Lynda Milligan & Nancy Smith

Here's a couple of pictures of the strips that I've made up ready for cutting and sewing into 9 (unequal) and 20 (equal) patch 10 inch blocks.

Some of the strips look a bit strange - sewing the same fabric back to itself but it looks right in the finished quilt as each seam creates part of the pattern and it doesn't have the same effect if you use a whole piece of fabric rather than a seamed piece.  I'll post more photos as I get to that stage so you'll see better what I mean.

When I've made a bit more headway with both of these quilts I really want to get going on some whole cloth baby quilts using the fabrics I bought at Liberty on my recent trip to London. I've just had delivery of my chosen Kona Solids for each quilt back and my bolts of batting have also arrived so really now I've no excuse. Here's a few photos of the fabrics I'll be putting together.

Oh, and before I go, I can confirm that an hour into writing this post I was able to go back to sleep and then finished it off this morning.  So I was proved wrong - blogging does help you sleep!

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