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Friday, 22 June 2012

Let's Get Acquainted!

I've spent the last two evenings and day hand binding two quilts - my Surprise Project II quilt and my Sparkle Plenty quilt.  Almost there now but the light has faded too far and my eye sight just isn't up to it so another hour in the morning should see it all done.  One thing I must remind myself of in the future though is not to quilt a black binding onto a black border with black thread - it's very, very hard work and the weather has conspired against me all day with darkened skies and thunder and lightening storms.


My day was brightened up though by discovering the 'Let's Get Acquainted! Blog Hop over at Plum and June.  The idea is that twice a week all of us involved in the Blog Hop visit two named blogs who will have done a post related to a quilting project - it doesn't have to be a full tutorial but will have photos and descriptions so that others can have a go at making the same thing.  If we're not already, then we'll sign up to 'follow' the blogs and we'll leave lots and lots of comments.

My assigned date on the schedule is the final week - 12 November, so I have some time to prepare and just enjoy meeting everyone else and reading all their posts.

The Blog Hop started back on 21st May and with 4 blogs a week I've got some catching up to do on what's gone before but I've made a head start and today visited:

You too can catch up with everyone via their blogs (as above) and I've also linked to them on my 


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    1. Saw you on the list for 17 July - I'll be in England for JA & JT's graduations then but I'll still be checking in, looking forward to seeing what you share with us.

      Hey, did you see in my And The Winner Is ... Oh My, It's Me!!!!! post that I picked up an Add a Quarter ruler? Haven't had a chance to use it yet though, I've got 4 quilts I have to get finished first before I can go back to playing with the paper piecing.

      Also I finally made it down to Purl Soho and loved it - check out what I bought Shopping List? What Shopping List? Are We Supposed To Stick To The Shopping List?. :)


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