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Sunday 3 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee Weekend

The Union Flag
(a quick British lesson - although the flag is commonly known as the Union Jack,
'jack' is a shipping term and it refers to the Union Flag when it's flying on ship)

I've spent the weekend watching lots of British tv and getting myself even more loved up about the monarchy.  I'm so disappointed not to be home at this very special time so I'm making sure I don't miss out on any special programmes about it.

So far I've most enjoyed a programme with Prince Charles sharing with us the Royal Family's home-made family cine-footage and I was quite surprised just how much I enjoyed watching 'On Her Majesty's Service' with Gary Barlow (of Take That fame) working with Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber to write a Jubilee song and travelling around the countries of the commonwealth to record parts for the track.

Hope this link works for you whatever country you're in so you can all have a listen:

While I've been doing all this I have, of course, been busy prepping more stuff ready for my free motion quilting course next week at CQ, Manhattan.  I had to make up a quilt sandwich so that when we get to class we can just get cracking with the really fun stuff.


  1. Let us know how your class goes! I've been watching the Diamond Jubilee coverage on tv also. I can see why you'd want to be home!

    1. I just love how we do it, all the history and the ceremony. I'll be sure to post about the class :)


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