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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

All Done And Here It Is ...

Amazing experience at the dentist this morning, had a crown made and fitted using Cerec CAD - they took digital images of my teeth then designed me a new tooth, the CAD machine carved the tooth from ceramic material (took 13 minutes) the tooth was then fired to 800°C (25 minutes), allowed to cool (2 minutes) and then fitted in my mouth - as a Ceramicist I was very excited and asked lots of questions, just brilliant!  Didn't need anaesthetic as I had a root canal in the same tooth 4 weeks ago so no nerves = no pain. Left the dental office after 2 hours feeling fantastic - highly recommended :)

So no excuses, I was feeling good and had plenty time to crack on with the 'Children of Israel' block and here it is finished ...

Finished 'Children of Israel' Block

I joined a Quilting Bee so I'd have to make blocks that weren't within my comfort zone and to use fabrics that wouldn't necessarily be my own choice - I think the experience will push my boundaries and expand my quilting experience and that's just what's happened!  I've never used applique or free motion sewing on a quilt block before but it's something I'll be very open to doing in the future on my own quilts.  I found it a little stressful cutting up someone else's fabric and wondering what their expectations might be but maybe that'll get easier as I make more Bee Blocks over the coming months.

So all that's left now is to pop the block in the post back to my May Queen Bee, Earamichia.  Hope she loves it as much as I do!

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  1. Hi Chrissie, thanks for the follow. Love how the may bee block turned out. You did a fantastic job - it being your first for applique and free motion sewing. Well done! Looking forward to seeing more of your creative work.

    I've read your earlier posts' on your father's passing, my heartfelt condolences to you and family.

    1. Hi and thank you for your kind words. Have to own up though that it wasn't my first time doing free motion sewing - I use it a lot in my textile artwork but I haven't used it in my quilting before. However,I am a total novice at applique having only been shown how to do it the week before in a class at The City Quilter, NYC :) .

  2. I love the block and would like to see the quilt once all the block come togehter. Also thank you for stopping by my blog, and I will be following you as soon as I get home from work. Happy Quilting.

    1. Thank you so much. I wondered about the finished quilt myself, I think it'll be quite something and I'll be sure to post a photo if I can. Happy Quilting to you too :)

  3. Hi Chrissie, I love your block! and what an experience at the dentist! I just had a crown made a few weeks ago and had to wait for it to be done for 3 weeks. They also scanned my tooth and made the new one that way, but didn't carve it at the office :) You're only 45 minutes from me, I'm on the other side of the Hudson and a little bit North. If You go to the City, have you visited Purl Soho? They have some really yummy stuff and lots of yarns for knitting too! Thanks for following my blog, I'm glad you found me and I found you! :)

    1. Thank you Kati for your message and also for liking my facebook page. The new tooth is amazing - I can't quite believe it, I'm used to weeks of misery around having a crown fitted but there's nothing, it's just incredible.

      I'm in the City most days and I'm quite embarrassed to admit that I haven't yet made it to Purl Soho which is ridiculous especially when I'm such a big fan of their website. The trouble is that I'm totally in love with The City Quilter, it's like my 3rd home (1st being my apartment and 2nd being England) and I don't ever get much further as I just love chatting with everyone there as well as the shopping/course experience. I have made it up to Pins & Needles once on Upper East and that was a really lovely little place.

      Still I think it's time I did visit Purl Soho so I'll try to get there over the coming month and let you know what I think. I'll get back to you on that! :)

    2. I'm looking forward to it! Funny I've only been to The City Quilter once. Unfortunately with my Fiance and he does NOT like to go to stores. Specially not to quilt stores :) I think you get the picture :) I don't go to Manhattan by myself just to visit stores and I only have 1 friend who lives in Brooklyn, but She's kind of busy with 3 yo. twins so there's no point... Maybe one day :)


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