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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Going To England For A Warm

How's the weather where you are?  They tell me the weather here it's about to warm up but I'm sick of waiting and I'm off to England for a warm - and that's not something you hear people say often!

Thought I share a handful of photos I've taken from my living room window over the last few months.

It's been cold and grey and ice flowed down the Hudson.

Sometimes the sun shone but it was bitterly cold...

that's -15C/5F and RealFeel -30C/-22F, brrrrrrrrrrrr

...and the ice on the Hudson continued to grow.

This is how things looked down at street level.

Pretty cold yeah?

I did enjoy this pop of colour as I crossed Target car park one morning on my way back from the dog groomer.

It was a painful walk over there when my eyes watered from the cold wind it turned to icicles on my eyelashes - but look at these freshly groomed cuties, well worth it :D

And this made me giggle just last Friday morning - thoughtful of them to dig those seats out but I'll pass on sitting in them.

Last week I ventured out to Lion Brand Yarn Studio on 15th Street, Manhattan (read more about the store here).

Pics of their latest store window display, I love how they change this and it's always something eye-catching and wonderful.

And the purpose of my visit to the store?

To purchase the yarnit ready for my trip back to England.

I forgot to take pics of the yarnit in use before I left but trust me it's AMAZING, I've no idea how I ever managed without it, even in the home, let alone how fantastic it'll be on the plane.  Take a look at their website for how it works, apols for not showing it off better here, but it's so worthy of a blog post mention I'm doing it anyway.

I fly in a few hours and I'm so excited to see Mum, Flicky and Joe on this trip - we're celebrating English Mother's Day and Mum's 80th birthday while I'm there and we've lots and lots planned.  I've got a few posts scheduled while I'm away so I won't be disappearing altogether.

Here's hoping for much, much warmer weather by the time I return.  See you in a few weeks :D

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  1. Have a lovely trip! We've had no snow at all in Normandy this year - you seem to have our share! Lynne.

  2. Have a great trip Chris. It's been lovely here this last week. I am off to UK next week - sadly missing Mothering Sunday but my Mum is happy to see me any time. Have been busy on the internet ordering a few goodies to bring back with me! Safe travels. xx

  3. Have a lovely trip. Hard to believe the east coast ice age!
    Lucky me on the west coast - nothing but spring here.

  4. Aww. That does seem miserable and cold! I live in South Louisiana so I have never seen snow like that. It looks pretty but I just don't see how yall live in it. Lol. I wouldn't know what to do.

  5. Hope you have a lovely trip, hope you enjoy your first Mothering Sunday as a Grandma! The weather is beautiful in North London today, hope you get some warmth back in your bones.

  6. Can you bring some Yarnits over please? They look great.

  7. Yarnit very handy. Have a good trip. Sunny weather here Cornwall

  8. I love the window display. It's lovely weather here today. I hope it keeps up for you :) Thank you for linking up with Wool on Sundays :)


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