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Friday 11 November 2016

Exploring Barcelona, Spain - A Photo Tour

Placa de Catalunya

The Cathedral of Barcelona / Parroquia de Santa Anna

Mercat de Santa Caterina 

Carmela, 2015 - Jaume Plensa / 89 Carrer de Roger  de Lluria

Casa Batllo - Gaudi

Casa Milla - Gaudi

La Casa Terradas

Gothic Quarter

Arch de Triomf

Sagrada Familia - Gaudi

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Oyambre Fabric Store, Barcelona, Spain by madebyChrissieD.com

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  1. wonderful pics - makes me want to visit. I have just completed a Paris to Prague trip and found that only in the CR did I have issues being an English only speaker - how was it in Spain?

    1. I had few language problems in Barcelona, many people spoke English and those that didn't really wanted to be helpful and we worked things out together. When I visit Seville, where my son lives, it's a real issue that I don't speak Spanish as they don't/won't speak English with me. I'm always very aware in Spain that I'm incredibly lucky to have my Spanish daughter-in-law and my fluent-Spanish speaking son around to translate :D

  2. I would love to visit Barcelona to see all the Gaudi buildings, which I've seen on tv many times; also the fantastic unfinished Cathedral. Here is a link with a short 3d video of how it will look when completed :)

    1. The video is fabulous Lesley - I see it was created in 2013 and some sections shown are already finished and I very much hope that I'll still be around to visit again once the work is fully completed and it's made me a bit tearful thinking of my Grandson being there again when he is much older :D Thanks so much for sharing and do what you can to get there - Barcelona tops my list now of European places I've visited, we had a wonderful time there. :D


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