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Thursday 19 December 2013

The Downton Abbey Trunk Show

If you're in the Manhattan through to 5 pm, Sunday, 22 December and you're a fan of Downton Abbey then drop by The City Quilter and see the Andover Fabrics Downton Abbey Trunk Show collection.

Maybe you've already heard about the new Andover Fabrics Downton Abbey fabric The Women's Collection designed by Kathy Hall, in collaboration with the Downton Abbey production team and maybe you haven't - if not, where have you been ;) ?  Let me update you via phone photos, which is such a shame but I was super keen to share this with you and didn't have a real camera with me at work!!!

This is a great first collection and last weekend I got to make up fat quarter bundles at The City Quilter based on each of the 4 Downton character's collections and including the companion prints detailed on their mood boards:

The Dowager - grey, purple and black

Lady Mary - burgundy, blue and green

Lady Edith - peach, green, blue and pink

Lady Sybil - sea foam, blue grey and mauve purples

You can check out each character's mood board, fabric patterns and character images here on Andover's blog.  In fact, Andover has got lots of great info going on via their website including free Downton Abbey quilt patterns and projects.

Here're photos of the trunk show pieces:


Storage boxes
 and even a tea cosy

and an ornament
pattern available at Sew Many Creations

along with clothes
Authentic 1920 Dresses and Hat
patterns available at eVINTAGEpatterns

and lots of quilts
9 Easy Pieces

Starlight in green

Nana's Garden Path quilt

Downton Queen

Abbey Star

Counterpoint quilt

I've thoroughly enjoyed working with this collection - I'm a huge Downton fan and I've loved the opportunity to talk with store customers about Downton and also Highclere Castle where the series is filmed. 
Highclere Castle
From age 8 to 16, my daughter, Flicky, went to school at St Gabriel's close by Highclere Castle and, long before the Downton days we were involved via the school in events at Highclere.  Watching Downton brings back happy memories of home.
Flicky's school - St Gabriel's Independent Day School For Girls, Sandleford Priory, Newbury, Berkshire
Another small thing amuses me - Andover Fabrics make the Downton Abbey collection and Andover is also an English town close to Highclere and where I studied my foundation degree in Art & Design.  Life in America can be surprisingly unfamiliar on a daily basis with an amazing number of differences in the two languages and cultures, after two and a half years I'm still learning and small reminders of England are extremely welcome and fun!

Back to the Downton Abbey Fabric Collection, though, I'm really quite impressed by it.  I'm not one for buying collections, preferring to put my own fabric choices together but there's a lot about this collection that appeals to me in the prints and the muted yet strong colours.  Without a doubt, my favourite character in the show is Violet Crawley, The Dowager Countess of Grantham played by the wonderful Dame Maggie Smith.  Here's one of my favourite Dowager quotes - you've just got to love her!

 "I wonder your halo doesn't grow heavy; it must be like wearing a tiara round the clock"

 and interestingly my favourite character fabric collection is also hers - I love those designs and the purples, greys and blacks.  I hear some of the fabrics will be included in the fifth series, yet to be filmed - I'll be looking out for that.

Do you watch Downton?  I've seen the fourth series and I'm eagerly awaiting the Christmas Special -  I can tell all my American friends that you're going to love it :D  For those who aren't Downton fans and even those that are, you may enjoy watching the Snore (Downton Abbey) video and another favourite of mine is Downton Abbey sings One Direction's 'What Makes You Beautiful'!

Who's your favourite character and how do you feel about the fabric collection? - no spoilers though please as the show doesn't air in the States until January!!!

For details of other fabric, yarn, trim and notion stores that I've visited around the world along with the NYC stores I love, exhibitions and events I've attended and wonderful people I've been lucky to meet click the links below or in my sidebar :D

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  1. Love the show! Not sure yet on the fabric on what or how much I will get. There are a few I love. I don't have anything in mind yet so I will wait a while. However I can't wait till season 4 starts!

    1. Hope you enjoyed the first episode, you must be looking forward to the second one tonight!!! :D

  2. The quilts, fabrics and clothes are gorgeous. Such lovely detail in the Christmas ornament.

  3. Beautiful fabric Chrisse. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I've loved the show from the beginning. It's a tie for my favorite character: Love Mary (her eyebrows alone!) - love her personality. And of course the Dowager. I made a Scrappy Trip quilt a while back using some London inspired fabrics for my husband (his mother is English). Thought I'd quilt in some of our favorite Dowager quotes, since he's a fan too!

  5. Hehehe. I'm one of the possibly rare people that has not seen the show. But I do understand how folks can and do get obsessed with one like that.

  6. If I were in manhatten I would have definitely stopped by the shop today!

  7. Hope you had lots of fun at the show! I have to confess that when I first saw pics of this range i really wasn't sure but when I saw it in the flesh I really loved it. Never seen the show though, might have to rectify that!

    1. I watched the first series when it aired back in the UK and wasn't that interested - I think the BBC were running the sequel to Upstairs Downstairs at the same time and I much preferred that. When I got to the States, Americans kept asking me about the programme and I couldn't respond. Quickly caught up on Series 2 and guess what, I was hooked. So I fought it but it still got me in the end - beware ;D

  8. I wish I were going to be in NYC to see this! I am a HUGE Downton Abbey fan. This is just so neat that someone created this collection. Love the fabrics and the quilted items you shared.

    Dropping by from The Sunday Showcase...



    1. Oh I so hope you got to see the first episode last week and are looking forward to the second one tonight!!! Series 4 is another great one, enjoy :D

  9. Love this post Chrissie. I was just in NYC for one night and sadly didn't get a chance to stop by the shop! We are counting down the days til season 4. I love the Dowager and Mary... I haven't seen the fabrics in person but I am drawn to Sybil's line for sure. Like you I don't usually buy "lines" but... These are just gorgeous aren't they.

    1. Cynthia, you're so lucky to have series 4 ahead of you still. I still haven't bought any, I keep looking at them and just can't decided!!! Hope to see you again soon if you visit NYC for a little longer :D x

  10. Wow. I don't even know what to say. But I do know, I need some of this fabric. I have none so far. :( Everything is amazing. Thanks for sharing. (I found you via Serenity weekend link up)

  11. Beautiful fabrics and what a great trunk show!!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  12. Sounds fun! I love the counterpoint quilt...thats my favorite line too.

  13. oh wow! those fabrics are absolutely beautiful. That show looks like so much fun!

    Thanks so much for partying at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  14. Oh goodness, it's so pretty. Loved seeing all of this. I have to buy some before it's all gone. But first, I will have to pick some favorites, which would be too hard because it's all too pretty. :) Maybe I just need it all.

  15. This fabrics are heavenly as is the program. The season is off to a bang of a start. Heaven only know where it is going to go.

    1. I'm not a 'collection' fabric person and the colours are muted too which isn't my usual taste either yet I can't help liking these fabrics and they selling really well at the store, we have to keep restocking! Hope you're still enjoying the latest season, I've read that it's not to everyone's taste in America. I've seen all the episodes and the Christmas special already and loved every moment :D

  16. I love the quilts! The colors are amazing too :) I have a feeling I would be there for hours :)


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