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Wednesday 17 July 2013

Previously On This Week: 17 July

This week last year, I didn't write any posts as I was in England attending Jack and Joe's Graduation ceremonies - there'll be plenty of posts about that trip over the next weeks!  Instead, this week I'll highlight three of my early tutorials.

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Quilting/Sewing Tips & Tools Tutorials

Piecing Together Batting Scraps To Make A New Batting Sheet 
Charm Squares - An Easy Way To Cut Multiples Quickly 
Tutorial:-Using-A Bloc-Loc-To-Cut-Half-Square-Triangle-(HST)-Squares
Using A Bloc-Loc To Cut Half-Square Triangle (HST) Squares 

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  1. I can NOT believe it's been a year! It feels like it was just a few months ago!

    1. It so doesn't feel like a year Kati and it reminds me that I still haven't got around to ordering their official graduation photos yet (or Flicky's from this year). Joe's arriving next week and I know he'll be asking where I'm up to with sorting them - I don't think he think "I've been too busy quilting" is a reasonable answer!!! Oooops ;)

  2. That first tutorial is going tobe so handy!

    1. I piece all my batting now, never in a quilt that I'm going to sell or for a gift to treasure but for everything else I do and once the quilting's done you'd have no idea. :)


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