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Friday, 7 June 2013

Bringing Fibre Artist Deb Hyde's 'Sunshine and Shadow' Exhibition To You

A few weeks ago I shared lots of photos with you of Sarah Fielke's Trunk Show in Manhattan:

Bonzer Trunk Show - Up Close With Sarah Fielke's 'hand quilted with love' Quilts

There was a great response from you all, turns out you love her quilts as much as I do!
Sarah's Trunk Show was held at The Art Quilt Gallery and quite a few of you were keen to know more about the quilts hanging on the wall behind Sarah so yesterday I popped back with my camera and took lots of photos to share with you.

This current exhibition is 
'Sunshine and Shadow' by Deb Hyde.  
Deb is a Fibre Artist from Michigan and here's her Artist Statement taken from her website:

"I want to represent the beauty of the figure in my own style, imbued with my own emotional response.  This medium is time-consuming, precise and restrictive (NO computer work is used in its formulation)-- it forces me to concentrate on my interest in bold form and intense color and forego the extraneous.

Each piece consists of thousands of one inch squares of fabric, painstakingly placed, stitched together and finally quilted.  Hundreds of hours go into their formulation.  My inspiration comes from photographs, either in ads or those I take myself, or my own life-drawing sketches. I am the sole creator of each piece, starting with drawings and watercolor sketches, to the actual creation and tedious process of sewing and quilting.

Although the medium in which I create belongs to a great american craft tradition, my images, in their classical beauty and composition, raise my craft to an art."

'John in Sunshine and Shadow' - 25.5" x 42", 2010-2013
'Profile in Grey and Green' - 33" x 27.5", 2012
'Torso in Turquoise' - 33" x 33", 2012
'Torso in Turquoise' - detail
'Wishful Thinking' - 41" x 37", 2011
'Neck Study' - 51" x 43", 2011
'Neck Study' - detail
'Neck Study' - detail
'Pink Dress' - 48" x 42", 2013
'Pink Dress' - detail
'Sunshine and Shadow - Turquoise' - 38" x 58", 2010
'Sunshine and Shadow - Turquoise' - detail
'Sunshine and Shadow - Yellow' - 38" x 58", 2010
'The Striped Room' - 68" x 38", 2008
'The Striped Room' - detail
'Persephone' - 61" x 48", 2009
'Bodyscape' - 34" x 30", 2012
'Profile in Purple' - 33" x 33", 2012

Here's a link to Deb's website where she explains more about her techniques and materials and you can also follow her here on Facebook.

I'm afraid I left it very late getting back to the Exhibition and sharing it with you as it ends this Saturday, 8 June 2013.  

For those who can't drop in then, I hope my photos have inspired you as much as seeing the quilts has inspired me :)

NB: The Art Quilt Gallery, Manhattan closed in December 2015

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  1. I can't begin to imagine how she goes about creating these...they are magnificent! Thank you for sharing her gift with those of us who've never seen her work. AMAZING!

  2. Fantastic, isn´t it?


  3. Супер! Впечатление восторга!

  4. Wow! Thanks, off to check out her page :)

  5. Are those quilts real? I can't believe it!

    1. Can't start to imagine the time it takes to choose the exact colour of fabric for each piece, just exquisite aren't they?

  6. Just imagine the planning that goes into making them! Absolutely breathtaking!!!

  7. Wow these quilts are just stunning. So very many many hours of planning and construction must have gone into each one. How lucky you were to see them first hand :-)

  8. I am full of admiration for a quilter who can make such wonderful portrait quilts.

    1. Totally agree Queenie - to draw or paint something like that is fabulous but to recreate it in fabric is just incredible :)

  9. I was there last week, oh I just realised I should have asked you for recomendations on where to shop! Anyway I was there and the quilts are just amazing! Was going to post about it but I guess now I will link back to your post!

    1. Oh you should have done Nat! I only said to Flicky this week that so many people ask me that maybe I should do a tab on the blog sharing lots of info about NYC - I really think I will do this actually. And, of course, I'll never object to a link back to one of my posts! :)

  10. Wow, so amazing.
    Fantastic !!! Fantastic !!! Fantastic !!!
    Greetings from Germany ,

  11. Thanks so much for sharing photos of these amazing quilts. Can you imagine the time and effort to make one of these?

  12. Stunning quilts Chrissie, great photos too!

  13. Thank you for the fantastic pictures of these quilts. I just came across Deb Hyde's quilts on Pinterest and found your site. Her work is fabulous! Lucky you to see them in person! Wow!


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