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Tuesday 18 September 2012

Play Quilt And Matching Dog Set

In March this year, the most wonderful little fluffy person came to live with us, her name is Thatcher (yes, she is named after our British ex-Prime Minister, Margaret) and she is known as Tatty to her friends.  

It was a difficult decision for me as I was still reeling from having my chocolate button-eyed poodle, Lucy, put to sleep 12 months earlier.

Tatty is a Havapoo (Havanese and Toy Poodle) and she is the happiest, friendly and adorable bundle of dogginess that you could ever wish to meet.  Her arrival immediately turned our apartment into our home and now we wouldn't be without her!  She's also given my daughter, F, hours of fun trying all her teddy bear's clothes on her: can you spot St Trinian's Tatty; Cowgirl Tatty; Harry Potter Tatty; and Dumbledore Tatty and there's even a very British Tatty in there too.

My eldest son, JA, did spot another likeness, though - Tatty looks uncannily like that dreadful Scottish export, Susan Boyle!

Anyway, back to more serious matters - Quilting!  I immediately set about making Tatty her own quilt - doesn't every dog deserve a quilt?  Well so far Tatty's got two, one for her pram that I've posted about previously (yes, you did read that right), Tatty has a pram and she goes to Doggie Daycare in it once a week at Fuzzybutz in Hoboken so a big shout out here for Vicki and her team who are just amazing :)

But this post is about Tatty's play quilt.

I made the quilt using some old cushion covers from the kid's TV room in our English home and backed it with a piece of faux fur that I had in the bottom of my stash.  I didn't put batting in the quilt as the cushion covers were thicker than quilting cotton and the faux fur gave the quilt plenty thickness also.  I quilted in the ditch, completely ignoring the 8" rule, and I have to say that the quilt's holding its own well.  It takes a constant battering from Tatty and frequently reacquaints itself with the washing machine and tumble dryer and it's not showing signs of wear yet.

I machine sewed both sides of the binding and it only took an hour or so to make.  Tatty loves it and I'm guessing the people in the apartment below love it too though they don't even know it (we like her to eat her bones on the quilt as she makes a terrible noise when she drops them on the wooden floor).

My friend, P, pointed out that Tatty and the quilt coordinate - totally unplanned but I kind of like it "A Matching Set"!

And finally here's some more photos of Tatty enjoying life on my Juice Box Sofa quilt that I posted about previously and have just updated with new photo detail.

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  1. Ha ha I love the SuBo comparison! You must love your doggie very much to have made her such a beautiful quilt. I think in my house I would have nabbed it for my bedroom!!

    1. I wish JA had never pointed out that Tatt's looks like SuBo - sometimes it's all I can see now! Absolutely adore her (Tatt's that is NOT SuBo!) and she seems to have made every quilt in the apartment her own anyway. I've bought a dog gate to stop her going into my sewing area so I can keep quilts that I'm making for my future Etsy shop (I'm ready to set one up once my green card arrives) well out of her grasp! :)

  2. Awww so cute! She IS matchy matchy with her quilt for sure! I think the 8" rule is because of the batting to not to move when washing the quilt. Since this one has no batting you can break any rules you want :) When I first saw her I though you have no kids since you have a doggy tram :)) AND you made a quilt for it, it was kind of funny :))

    1. Hadn't given a thought to it the quilting gap being down to the batting so you set me off thinking about it only to discover that the quilting difference is different with each type of batting - I've only ever used Dream Request so I'd never given it any thought. I'm so glad you told me - and now I know there's some batting out there that you can quilt with up to a 12" gap and some need quilting as close as 1" - Wow!

      I know what you mean about my dog pram but no, I'm not even a crazy person who can't get over the fact her kids are now grown and gone, I just have a very small dog with very short legs who can't physically walk as far as I need her to, plus the pavement is too hard and hot for her paw pads. Solution, a dog pram = a very happy dog who gets plenty of fresh air and a very looked at, talked about and embarrassed owner - I just wear sunglasses and pretend I haven't noticed everyone sniggering and pointing!

  3. Oh she is a darling, I'd love to meet her one day. Love the matching quilt. Too Cute

    1. Hi Barbara, she really is the best and she's helped me come through a miserable few months since Dad died.

      Let's organise getting together, it's been way too long - how about a coffee and catch up and when are you and Mark next off to the cinema? :)

  4. Aah, I love your quilt loving friend! Can you bring her along to our Mod meetings?

    1. She's fab isn't she Helen?! She'd love to come to our meetings - it would be quilt heaven for her!!! Looking forward to finally getting to meet you next week :)


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