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Friday 27 July 2012

Thank You Rachel at Suz Made Me Do It :)

Just before I set off for London I told you all about a post from Rachel at Suz Made Me Do It offering a box of quilt magazines to anyone interested.  Well I'm back from my travels and what's waiting for me ...this fab box full of quilting magazines, books and patterns.

So I'm can no longer say I've never owned a quilting magazine or even looked at one, this pile is amazing.  An additional bonus is that having spent the last few months looking for ideas for this December when it's my turn to be Queen Bee, I've found just the quilt to make in the Grandma's Quilting Bee book!

So I'm very delighted and want to say another big thank you to Rachel for being so wonderful.

Thank you Rachel :) 


  1. You are more than welcome! I am super glad they found a good home! Also glad you had a safe trip!! Enjoy!


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