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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

I Love The View From My Window - Space Shuttle Enterprise

I know it's not quilting but I just had to share these photos with you - this morning the Space Shuttle Enterprise has sailed past my window up the Hudson River to its new home on the Intrepid. A few weeks ago I was also lucky enough to see it fly over my apartment and that too was WOW!

Here's my photos from both events.

Space Shuttle Enterprise
on the back of the NASA 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft
flies over the Hudson River - 27 April 2012

Space Shuttle Enterprise
sails up the Hudson River to its new home
on the Intrepid - 6 June 2012

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  1. What an amazing view of the event! Lovely pics, too!

  2. Amazing pictures - how exciting!

    1. It was :) By the way, love your Prototype II and dandelion idea, I'll be keeping an eye on how you go on. I'm paper piecing this week (a first for me) to make two June Challenge Blocks for NYC Mod Bee - and the pattern is New York Beauty; talk about initiation by fire!


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