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Saturday, 23 June 2012

FP's Taxi Quilt

Me and FP with his Taxi Quilt
Time to show you another quilt that I made before my days of blogging.

CQ's original quilt

This quilt is based on a New York Night and Noon Quilt pattern designed by Judy Doenias of The City Quilter which appeared in the 2012 edition of 'Novelty Quilts' magazine.

Fabrics Used:

Top Sheet:
New York Line by Line - Day
New York Line by Line - Night
New York Taxi Cabs fabric
Backing Sheet: NYC Subway in black
Binding: Black Kona Solid
Batting: Quilter's Dream Cotton Request

Quilt Details:

Free vertical and horizontal line quilting
Machine sewn front binding then hand sewn to back of quilt

Taxi Quilt Top and Backing Sheets

Taxi Quilt detail

I made this quilt for FP, the son of my friends HP and KP when they were coming to stay with us and to commemorate his first ever trip to New York.  FP's only five and I wanted to make the quilt a bit more boy friendly so I adapted the design and widened the taxi cab borders so that the cars are clearly visible.  So glad I did because the quilt was on FP's bed waiting for him to arrive and when he did I heard him shout 'taxis'.

My friend HP, FP's mum, tells me the quilt is a big hit and has pride of place on a chair in their living room back in England - you can't ask for better than that :) (thanks for the photos HP x)

FP's Taxi Quilt back home in England :)

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  1. Chrissie, it's such a nice effort to make memories like that for them. It's a really cute quilt and great idea! Love the fabrics!

    1. Kati, FP just loved it - he was so delighted it was amazing, it gave me a really great buzz!

  2. I love the fabrics. This quilt is amazing!

    1. Thanks Silvana, it's such a simple design to do and quick but the fabrics make it. I love the shot of yellow that brings it all to life :)

  3. Hi Chrissie. Beautiful quilt. I really like the fabrics specially the New York line gray and white (day)

    1. That's a great fabric isn't it? The line drawings are taken from a 1960's book by Robinson New York Line By Line :)

  4. That looks fantastic: I love the way you widened the taxi borders to make them pop a little more. That's one lucky kid!

    I also did a sort of little dance when I recognized the NYC subways print on the back, because I'm about to make a shoulderbag out of it. I couldn't resist picking a little of it up the last time I was at the City Quilter. :)

    1. Thanks Alisa, I think the wider border does more justice to the taxi fabric. I've noticed that now the taxi fabric is going out of print CQ have substituted a plain yellow fabric for the taxi one - but this wouldn't be detrimental to the original quilt design as you couldn't see the taxis anyway.

      I've promised my daughter a NYC subway quilt for when she goes off to uni back in England next year. She wants to pour over each subway stop with all her memories of them - of course her favourite is 86C/B as that's where she gets off each morning for her school, Dwight.

      You'll have to show me the bag when you're done, I'd love to see it :)

  5. That fabric is incredible. You did a wonderful job on the quilt!

    1. Isn't it just:)

      The City Quilter in Manhattan carries a great range of New York based fabrics - my other favourite is one detailing the tile walls of the subway

      City Quilter New York Fabrics

  6. Very cool fabrics! The quilt looks great! I had to stop over after seeing your favorite colors!

    1. When I was little girl this was a standard line that we all said when asked our favourite colour "sky blue pink with yellow dots on", we thought it was so funny because that colour could never exist. Since I started quilting though I have thought about it a lot because I'm pretty sure there'll be a quilt fabric out there in just those colours! :)

  7. Perfect post to rejuvenate! I love the mix of fabrics.

    1. City Quilter fabrics at their best - two of my favourites and the taxi print makes it pop! :D


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