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Wednesday 30 May 2012

Stop Blogging; Start Making

This morning I've had a bit of a shock that has to spark me into action for the day - my June Bee Block fabric arrived in the post along with a class supply list for a course next week's LQS Free Motion Machine Quilting: Next Step and I see that there's prep-work required beforehand.  I'm starting to think that I'm a bit snowed under.

To explain, I've finished Surprise Project I but haven't labelled or photographed it yet and on Monday I planned out my top and backing sheet for Surprise Project II but I really must get on with making it now as my deadline is approaching fast, very fast.  I've not done any prep work for my Transparency Quilt course - final class tomorrow- think maybe that should become a priority today!  I've also had a class supply list for another LQS course that also starts next week, Sparkle Plenty Star Quilt by Stephanie Dunphy of Loft Creations and I need to put a bit of thought into my colourways/fabrics for that.

So why am I falling behind with all my quilting commitments - the answer is that I'm too busy pinning to Pinterest and following quilting blogs - so for the rest of today they're banned, it's the only way I'll get anything done though obviously posting to my own blog doesn't count! ;)

Here's a peep at the wonderful fabric selection that my June Queen Bee, Kim, has posted to me - batiks in stunning jewel colours.

Kim's requested two New York Beauty (NYB) blocks with the same or different patterns from a 10 pattern choice.  Here's a look at her guidelines (June Bee Block instructions) and she's also pointed us at an NYB Block Quilt Along which will be very useful.

Lots of points and curves so I'm going to get together with my friend M, who is in the same NYC Mod Bee, and we can give each other encouragement and support and put our thinking caps on.

While I've been busy swooning over fabric and quilt block patterns Tatty has achieved another puppy milestone.  After she realised only yesterday that she can jump on to the sofas all by herself, she has put her new found skills to the test and scaled the dizzy heights of the coffee table - and who can blame her for as we all know a crafty girl just can't live without her sellotape!

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  1. Beautiful fabrics. I love batics! Sorry, but my english is very poor.

    1. They really are aren't they Silvana? I'm looking forward to working with the batics so much and don't worry, I can't speak Spanish at all so I think your English is amazing :)

  2. Lovely colours! Can't wait to see the finished blocks!

    1. Excited about getting started but will have to wait until next week with other quilting projects taking priority for now!

  3. I have the same problem. I could spend hours at night surfing pinterest and my favorite fabric shops rather than actually sewing something! It is addicting!

    1. I think joining Pinterest is possibly the worst thing I've ever done, lol!


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