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Thursday, 21 November 2013


 Breaking news!!!  I've partnered with the website Quilting.Answers, part of the Answers.com organisation and added their Quilting Tips widget to the bottom of my sidebar.

Whenever you visit my page there'll be a new 'Quilting Tip' on display and you can always click through to the Quilting.Answers website to find out more.

If you've not seen the website before they explain all areas of quilting such as Bees, Swaps & Sew-Alongs; Quilting and Sewing Machines; Tools, Patterns, Products, Measurements & Techniques; Blocks, Fabric & Batting alongside Books & Shows and give tips and links to take you further.  It's a great resource for anyone new to quilting and there's always something for even the more advanced quilter to enjoy.

Hopefully there's something there for all of us, I know I keep refreshing my page just to see what tip they'll offer me next!

Love it or hate it?  Let me know what you think. :D

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