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Monday, 8 February 2016

Plug And Play PJ/Boxer Shorts

One of January's finishes is a pair of boxer shorts, well actually I've made this pair with a faux fly and the recipient will be using them as Summer PJ Shorts.

Here's the pattern I used - The Essential Boxer Shorts by Fishsticks (pdf pattern no longer available).  It's the second time I've used the pattern, you can read my earlier pattern review and get fabric info here.

Fly and Label detail:

Back stitched down seam: 

Elasticated waistband:

The fabric is Plug and Play from Robert Kaufman.

Have you ever made boxer shorts and do you enjoy making them?  
Share any tips you have too in the comments.

Update - I finally made the last promised pair of boxers - it only took me two years!  Click the image to read more!


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  1. Those shorts look so comfy! I love how you added some professional touches as well!

  2. How did you stitch that elastic and not lose the elasticity? What kind of elastic is it? These look fabulous!

    1. It's braided elastic (as recommended in the Fishsticks pattern) so you'd expect it to lose elasticity but it doesn't - the brand I use is Dritz but there's others out there. I pull the elastic until it is the same size as the fabric I'm stitching it to. This time I used my 1/4" foot and I've used my walking foot sometimes too. Fishsticks also recommends you heat the elastic after sewing if necessary to shrink it. I've made two pairs using this method and surprisingly it's worked - Chris :D

  3. These are really cute! You sure are making great progress on your wips! Thanks for linking to TGIFF :)

  4. Those are such cute boxers/pjs! Well done!

  5. Pretty cool - I need to try that trick with the elastic! Whoop whoop!!

  6. They look great, fab choice of fabric. I've never tried making boxers, my boys will wear PJ's I've made them but that's about it! The elastic sounds interesting, I'll have to remember that, thanks.

  7. A great idea as gifts, made DH some last year but they shrunk in the wash as pure cotton, my mistake should have washed first but quite funny, when he tried to put them on

    1. Lol, to be honest my husband could do with these shrinking a little in the wash turns out I could have made them a size smaller. Well not something everyone's going to be seeing him wearing so they'll be fine, hehehe - Chris :D

  8. They are both great. My son is a bit of a science geek, and would love both pairs.


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