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Monday 7 September 2015

Exploring Portland OR - Cool Cottons

We're coming to the end of our tour of Seattle and Portland and it's almost time to get on a plane home but before we leave we've got to make one more stop at another fabric shop we've heard great things about.

oh my goodness how cute is the building?  
I was very excited to go inside and take a closer look and stepping in at the front door didn't disappoint.

I was welcomed warmly by Marie and we passed quite some time sharing stories and getting to know each other before I even started shopping.  While we were chatting I spotted Cool Cottons Row by Row above Marie's head, it's super simple but visually really pleasing and a great stand alone piece too.  Portland OR's Annual Precipitation - I think it's one of my favourite Row by Rows ever. 

Time to take a proper look around Cool Cottons which has the whole ground floor of this beautiful building.

Fabrics are organised mainly by colour, I love it, it makes pulling fabrics super easy though some are by collection too. 

There's patterns, notions, fusibles, etc in the light-filled room at the very back of the store.

This section has those imported Japanese fabrics we love, you know the ones Echino, etc.

Solids - yes, please.

This unit is stunning and perfect for displaying these small bolts and more.

Take in this bay full of light and full of fabric, yep this store is just perfect.

I've been really lucky to have met many wonderful people on this trip and meeting and chatting with Marie was the perfect ending.  

I bought a little fabric too, always on the look out for stash staples.

If you're visiting Portland put Cool Cottons on your 'must do' list and say 'hi' to Marie for me.

Cool Cottons
2417 SE Hawthorne Blvd Portland OR 97214
(503) 232-0417
hours: M/Tu/W/F/Sa 10 am - 6 pm / Th 12 am - 8 pm / Su 12 noon - 5 pm
online store / website / blog / facebook / instagram

Permission granted by a staff member to take and blog all photos.

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  1. That brings back some wonderful memories! Its a great shop and in a wonderful area!

    1. Oh I'm glad I've brought back wonderful memories for you, that's pretty great - Chris :D

  2. I hope you enjoyed our fair city! That is a fun shop ;)

    1. I hadn't realised you're in Portland Diana, next visit I'll let you know I'm coming! - Chris :D

  3. I'm enjoying your 'visit'. For next time, add RCT Fabrics to your list. Maybe pendleton, mill end, & fabric depot as well.
    We are so lucky to have such lovely fabric choices.

    1. I've made a note of the other stores you mention Kathy, there's so much to see and do I didn't even scratch the surface on this visit - Chris :D


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