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Friday, 2 May 2014

It's So Long Since I Expect You've Forgotten!

Several weeks ago I took my first trip out to San Francisco.  When I got back I posted about my visit to the Britex fabric store and left you with a promise of more to follow, then life got super busy, the way life does, and I'm only now getting around to my follow up post.

My visit to Britex was wonderful but I had another day to kill while Simon was working so I decided to explore on my own and use the time to visit a wool shop - I was getting around on foot so I set off on a 40 minute walk from Union Square to Atelier Yarns at 1945 Divisadero Street.

Welcome to Atelier Yarns, an independent, family-owned store specialising in luxurious, natural and hand-dyed fibres.  I'm not going to list the vast number of brands and yarns stocked, they are all here for you to see on their website and they do classes too, listed here.  I felt at home immediately and the staff made me incredibly welcome, even getting me a chair and setting me up in front of all the pattern books so I could enjoy looking through them all.

That's my chair and there's even a fountain running outside the back door.

Once I'd found some patterns I liked the staff helped me choose appropriate yarns.

I want to make this little jacket for my grandson-to-be

and this hat too

I'll make them to match and here's the yarn I bought - Adriafil Knitcol trends, superwash merino wool, colourway 57 - Botticelli Fancy.

After chatting with other customers I had a wander around the rest of the store

let's do a close up on this section - I spotted this fantastic rabbit fur that I just couldn't resist

I had a dilemma over what colour to buy and finally opted for the mink brown to make a cowl that matches the brown rabbit fur ear muffs I wear throughout each winter.

It's not cheap and you knit it alongside this Debbie Bliss yarn - it's $86.95 for the kit which includes the two yarns and pattern but I'm very excited to make it and wear it next winter.

When I finally left the store I'd been there over two hours and the time had flown by.

I continued walking on to Mrs Doubtfire's house

and then set off on my return journey walking down Fillmore Street, a young shopping district, where I enjoyed checking out the shops and eating an unbelievably large lunch at La Boulange that I just couldn't finish 

and later a scrummy frozen yoghurt from fraiche.

And just a few more pics from the trip to whet your appetite

I was pleased to discover the guys on Alcatraz were taught crochet as one of their activities.

Sailing past Alcatraz on the way out to Sausalito.

Walking from Sausalito to the Golden Gate Bridge

 Walking the Golden Gate Bridge 

'The crookedest street in the world' - Lombard Street

I also want to give a mention to Virgin America as they exceeded my every expectation in flying out to San Fran.  You may recall from my post about my last trip to Seville that being gluten free I don't particularly enjoy airplane food/snacks and breakfast in particular - rice cakes are most airlines' gluten free food of choice.

This was not the case on Virgin America so while I was still up in the air, I just had to Instagram and tweet this pic of the gluten free crackers they served me with a cheese selection and red wine.  Absolutely delish.

And look what Virgin America tweeted back to me straight away

What a fab flight, wine, scrummy food, watching trashy TV, catching up on my emails, tweeting, Instagramming

and, of course, knitting

I loved San Francisco and I'm looking forward to going back and exploring more, especially all the fabric stores and fab foodie places my new quilty friend, Christopher @The Tattooed Quilter has told me about.

 My next trip is planned for August with Flicky and I just can't wait :D

For details of other fabric, yarn, trim and notion stores that I've visited around the world along with the NYC stores I love, exhibitions and events I've attended and wonderful people I've been lucky to meet click the links below or in my sidebar :D

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  1. please, please, please tell me that's not real rabbit fur?

  2. What a wonderful trip you had, it looks wonderful and you must have been in heaven in that yarn store, no wonder 2 hours flew by! I'm glad to hear you had a good flight experience, and how fab that you got to see Mrs Doubtfire's house, I'm envious! It makes me want to start singing 'Jump Around!'

  3. Too funny! I was recently in SF as well, and did many of the same activities as yourself (Britex, Atelier Yarns, Golden Gate, Alcatraz). One of my friends lives right below the crooked part of Lombard Street, we love driving down it and tourist watching. Great photos!

    1. Lol, one of these days we'll meet up somewhere - who'd think we're both right here in the same city! I can't wait to go back to San Fran in Aug, your friends are so lucky to live there :D

  4. Chrisse you look like you had a fabulous time in SF and you got wonderful photos! Last time I went to SF I was a child. I lived in Southern California and we drove there with my family. It's a beautiful place. Wow that knitting shop is great, so no wonder you were there so long, lol!!

  5. My only trip to San Francisco.I was the one working whilst my hubby did the tourist things, looks like I got that wrong! Now that I know exactly where to go thanks to your post we will have to go back :)

  6. wonderful! San Francisco always inspires me to walk!

  7. Oh my, that is a "I have just died and gone to heaven" kinda wool shop!! Wow oh wow!! So, so many beautiful photos to whet one's appetite!! What an insane street!! Oh, and I believe every prison cell should have a few crochet/knitted pretties to perk it up!!

    1. I just love that they were taught to crochet, isn't that just the best?! :D

  8. Lovely photos of the sights and the wool shop looks fab is that real rabbit fur

  9. Great view of SF. It brought back happy memories as my ex-husband took me there for my 40th birthday.and I love a good wool shop!

  10. What a great yarn store - I love the yarn you bought. That hat pattern and sweater pattern are super cute and will look great in that yarn - look forward to seeing them finished.

  11. What a wonderful trip! I'm stunned by the amazingness of your knitting stores! Truly incredible! I love the baby jacket and that rabbit fur yarn really looks just like real fur...I can't wait to see it knitted up. Thank you for sharing all this inspiration and for linking up with Wool on Sundays :)

  12. That looks like it was a wonderful trip to San Francisco. I haven't been there in forever, and it was in my pre-sewing days. Thanks for linking up to Anything Goes Monday!

  13. Looks like you had a wonderful trip Chrissie and I love the mink yarn you bought for a cowl......beautiful! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  14. Oh. My. Goodness!!! Your trip and those photos were just incredible! I know it is unlikely I will be able to go to any of the places that you are showing us. I do sew appreciate the virtual tours... And every little detail, too! Makes me feel like I was along for the ride!

    1. Happy to oblige Lorna, maybe one of these days I'll find myself in your neck of the woods and we can have some fun together?! :D

  15. What an amazing amount of gorgeous stuff in the shop! and I think your scarf is wonderful, the length and design! it looks good on you! thank you for sharing your trip.

  16. wow! that's a lot of yarn. Looks like an amazing trip!

    Thanks so much for sharing at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  17. i miss san francisco! did you find the little fabric shop out in the sunset yet?


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