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Friday 20 September 2013

Fractured Triangles - My September 2013 NYC Metro Mod Bee Block

It's September and here's my NYC Metro Mod Guild Bee Block.

A gorgeous pack of fabric from Queen Bee Andrea and simple instructions for a Fractured Triangle Block by Jessica Brown and from the book Modern Blocks.

 I changed it ever so slightly - just a more solid squares and a few less half square triangles but I still kept the same overall design layout.

As always you can also check out all the blocks that our Bee make for Emily on my Quilty - Fractured Triangles Block Pinterest Board - I'll add more pins as each person in the Bee posts photos of their finished blocks and you can see my NYC Mod Guild Post here too.

And you can click this link to see all of my NYC Mod Quilt Guild Bee Blocks and Challenge Blocks/Quilts.

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  1. A cute block and so beautiful colours!
    Greetings Marle

  2. Oh that is very yummy! Hope to see it in person soon.

  3. Lovely colours and great work putting it together.

  4. oh! so cool! and nice point matching, I'm impressed. :)

  5. That looks cool and I like the fabrics you picked.

  6. Great block! I might put it in my EQ7 to see the pattern it could give, really interesting!

    1. Thanks Kati, it was a fun block, quick and easy - did you put it into EQ7? Andrea said we could play around with the original layout of the triangles if we wanted to - there's not much way you can do that but I think we've all had a go - there's still only 4 been posted about that I've been able to put on my Pinterest board but I have now realised she sent out 2 colourways for the large half of the block so it's going to look pretty interesting I think when it's done Pinterest - Fractured Triangles Block Board :D


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