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Tuesday 13 August 2013

Recreating Klimt - My July 2013 NYC Metro Mod Bee Block

Time to sort out my July NYC Metro Mod Bee Block - Queen Bee Deidre did say there was no hurry but I figure now Joe and Katie are back in England and Flicky's off to Seville to visit Jack, it's time to clear the decks again - crikey that might mean getting up to date with my Skill Builder BOM by the end of the week and we all know how I love to fall a few months behind with that one so don't hold your breath!!!

Before we start - here's the finished block - I read somewhere that it's best to give people a glimpse of the end result at the start of a blog post - hooks them in, makes them read more of the post.  Well the real reason I'm doing this is because Bloglovin (and I guess most feed readers) uses the first image from a post and I don't want that image to be a sheet of paper with a piece of yellow fabric - don't know about you but when I'm skimming down my Bloglovin 'to read' list a picture like that's not going to get me doing the magic click through to the post itself!

Now on to the real post:

This is what Queen Bee Deidre sent me - a piece of yellow and metallic gold fabric and some instructions:
make a block inspired by a section of this painting (see below), any size, style or shape block, try to keep to colours similar to the original, use some of the included fabric somewhere in the block.

Gustav Klimt 'The Kiss'
I chose this section from the man's robes:

Using Photoshop I edited the section using the 'Cut Out' filter - this defined the design and colour sections more.

Using a pen and ruler I divided the section into strips and blocks I could reproduce as part of a quilt block.

I raided my stash and chose colours appropriate for the block - Kona solids (black, yarrow, wheat, corn yellow and curry) and a small piece of Timeless Treasures 'Sketch' to add a little interest and texture.

I labelled the sections with my colour choices and cut into three strips.

I started sewing strips of fabric together, slicing as I went - no measuring just piecing and seeing what happened. 
This is the first strip complete.
I did have to take more care sizing the next two strips to make sure the overall length was the same as the first so all three strips could be joined together.  I still didn't measure, I just did it by eye.

The finished block

And that first photo again!

As always I had a lot of fun making the block.  I like the unexpected challenges being in a Bee brings - fabrics, colours, designs, styles you would never dream of using yourself that involve pushing your own boundaries,  I really enjoy the months we have a more artsy, creative challenge rather than following a pattern, makes you have to think and step outside the box a bit - great stuff :)

You can also check out all the blocks that our Bee make for Deidre on my Quilty - Klimt Pinterest Board - I'll add more pins as each person in the Bee posts photos of their finished blocks and you can see my NYC Mod Guild Post here too.

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  1. Nice job. I really like what you are doing.

  2. I love Klimt! Maybe because there were prints of his works around our school dining hall (no idea why). Love your block and thank you for sharing the design process - I would have just bulldozed into it and hoped that it came out okay so it's good to see how it should be done!

    1. I really enjoy Klimt but of the two contemporaries I love Egon Schiele more. I love these challenging Bee blocks and especially when I can incorporate my art background somehow :)

  3. this is so great! What a cool challenge and I love the way you tackled it :)

  4. Beautiful block! Really says Klimt. Clever method, too.

  5. That is the coolest thing! Great work.

  6. Love this block, who needs a pattern?!

  7. Wow. I love that you did this by eye, what a fabulous outcome.

  8. You are something else. This is totally stunning!

  9. Super block Chrissie - I do love to see original work like this.

  10. Wow. That is really cool. I love your end result!

  11. Like the way this block is designed! Love the colors!

  12. That is really neat. You have such an artistic approach to your quilts and it's just fantastic and always fun to read, Chrissie!

    Thank you so much for sharing at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  13. Oh my goodness, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your metro bee block.

  14. Very cool block. I need to find some time to try some improv piecing myself.

  15. Such a striking block and it represents Klimt so well!

  16. I enjoyed reading about your process. The finished block is fabulous.

  17. Another amazing block Chrissie, so artistic!

  18. This is really clever! Great idea.

  19. I liked reading about the process of using Photoshop, Chrissie and I love the end result... very creative.


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