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Monday 20 May 2013

A Quilting Chance To Win $2,000?

Who doesn't recognise this beautiful, iconic interior? - Grand Central Station, Manhattan.  

  When this photo was taken 3 years ago we were in NYC on holiday from the UK, I had no idea that 11 months later I'd be living here!

 I snapped this photo when I was passing through last week.

 My favourite part of the station just has to be the fabulous ceiling

The City Quilter has created 2 exclusive new fabrics in 2 colourways to celebrate the Station's birthday.  They arrived in store while I was at Sarah Fielke's Trunk Show so, of course, I had to buy just a small amount of each to play with!

and here's Grand Central (Aqua) alongside GCT Constellations (Aqua) - Constellations is a study of that wonderful GCT ceiling!

 and here's the Aqua colourway alongside the Beige/Ivory.

And now for the really fab news, and probably what you're all here to find out about! There's a Quilt Challenge organised by American Patchwork & Quilting Magazine & The City Quilter in association with the NY Transit Museum & The Metropolitan Transportation Authority.  


the top prize is $2,000!!!

The competition rules are available here and below I've taken a photo of the handout also available in CQ.

Now that's a challenge well worth joining in with but please note the rules do state 'US residents only'.

Updated at 20 May 2014

Of course I wasn't actually able to take part in the challenge as I went and got myself a job at The City Quilter.  You can read all about it here along with a post about the winners of the competition and another about the quilt exhibition opening night at Grand Central Station.

In other news I've had another fantastic week on the blogging front, being featured on 3 terrific blogs:

Totally Tutorials Blog

and my Strip Sashing QAYG Method was featured by Pam @Threading My Way
and Pam also made me her feature blog of the week on her side bar.

Threading My Way_Featured

A very big thank you to everyone :)

As if that wasn't enough, today I woke up to read a really special blog post by my great friend Sarah @Quilt Candy doing the sweetest, kindest shout out for my blog and thanking me for some goodies I sent over to her in a surprise package.
You can read all about it here!!!

All in all it's been a fantastic week but the absolute highlight has to be Flicky's Prom last Friday and here's a handful of photos from the day that I just have to share with you!

Hair by Whitney and Jess @Toni & Guy, Hoboken; pre-Prom photos in the Manhattan garden of my good friend Karen from The City Quilter; arriving at pre-Prom party in Soho; and finally a photo taken from my living room window of Flicky's Prom Cruise Yacht, the Majestic Princess, sailing down the Hudson River - she phoned me as they sailed past and I was busy waving to everyone!!!

Hoping you all have a wonderful week ahead of you :)


  1. Ah well - that lets me out then - not a resident - only a blog visitor :-) Flicky looks lovely and I hope she had a night to remember. Now on to Scotland for the next adventure ...

  2. What a lovely post! I was getting excited and planning my competition entry in my head until it said 'US Residents only' damn!! Well you will just have to win it instead ;-) Thank you for the shout out back by the way!! And I can't help thinking I wish I was in America when I left school, the Prom and pre-prom celebrations all sound fantastic. Oh and I'm SO going to that hairdresser and getting extensions when I'm over, Flicky looks so gorgeous! xxx

  3. I love this post!!!!! Wonderful fabrics and both of you girls look so pretty and sweet.


  4. What a great post chock full of all kinds of goodness! I love that fabric. I love that station! I spent a year commuting through there every day... a long long long time ago! But I'm not sure I ever studied the ceiling! Your photo collage of Flicky's big prom day does a great job of conveying how special the day was! She's gorgeous and I'm sure had an unforgettable time. And now I am off to check out the blogs where you are featured. Congrats on that as well!

  5. Love the post. The prom photos are gorgeous.

  6. What a neat contest - thanks for sharing!

  7. Woohoo what an exciting competition - as Janice in Friends might have said - "Oh ... my .... GAWD!" You have to enter Chrissie! Can't wait to see what you make. Grand Central Station is one of those places on my list that I just HAVE to go to one day. Also love Flicky's prom dress & lovely photos - you must be very proud of your beautiful girl x

  8. I love the highlights of Flicky's day!
    To bad I don't live in the US. At least right now!

  9. What a fantastic contest! I love the fabrics created for the Grand Central Anniversary. Congratulations on being featured!
    Flicky looks gorgeous I hope she had a wonderful time!

  10. What a great competition Chrissie, the fabrics are just lovely! Good luck if you decide to enter.

    The Prom sounds wonderful and Flicky looked fabulous!

  11. The fabric is fantastic! Good luck with your quilt!

  12. What a stunning station and such gorgeous fabrics! Good luck with the competition :)

  13. The fabrics are amazing and I hope you are going to enter something wonderful in the contest! I already read about you on Sarah's blog - so sweet of you to send her those goodies! Thanks for linking up with Let's Get Acquainted!!

  14. pretty, jumping over from Anything Goes !! You had a great week

  15. Wow! You've had a busy, exciting time lately.

    I love Grand Central Station, too. I do hope someone incorporates the iconic clock into their quilt. Must get some of that fabric!

    One of my boys is attending Union Theological in New York which is a great excuse to get down to the city often.

  16. Shoot! Only US residents? Well, good luck to all of the quilters participating!
    Thank you for sharing.
    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

  17. What a great week for you. So are you going to enter?

    1. Haven't decided - I've got the fabrics, obviously, and there's an idea in my head but life's pretty hectic at the moment. I'm off to Seville on Monday to see my eldest and there's a lot lined up when I get back but the deadline is a way off yet so maybe I'll do something but I'm not going to put any more pressure on myself! :)

  18. It looks like your having a fantastic week, I can't wait to see what you make.

  19. I love that fabric and it is great to see the transit museum getting behind a quilt competition. Flicky looks lovely. It is so nice to see them so grown up.

  20. That's a great challenge! Funny that I just made Venus, which echoes that curved ceiling bit. I guess I had to do that since I'm just a US citizen, not a resident any longer! :-) Hope you'll be entering something!


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