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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Lazy Sunday Afternoon ...

<Photo of The City Quilter from the street>
... I don't really think it will be!  Heading off into Manhattan to The CQ for a free machining class with Christine Janove, can't wait :)

Bit frustrated at not being able to post photos and talk about what I'm doing at the moment because I'm busy working on Surprise Project II.  It's going well, all made up and this morning I started quilting it.  I'll be thrilled when the time comes that I can share Surprise Projects I & II with you all, not long now.


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    1. Had a great time Kati, you'll have to sign up for a class. Fab courses and teaching and you get 15% discount on everything in the shop for a week before your class and for the duration of your course and that alone is well worth the cost of the course itself. It'd be great to see you there :)


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