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Thursday 24 May 2012

New Fabric Has Just Arrived!

Secret Project II
I love it when fabric arrives in the post - it's a bit of a worry but very exciting when you've not actually seen and touched the fabric but you've committed yourself and placed an order.  Today was a good day and I love everything that's arrived.

This first bundle is for a second secret project that I'm working on so I can't give you any more information but I did take a photo of the fabrics, quite close up and not much detail, so I'm hoping I can whet your appetite without giving too much away.

Tatty's Pram Quilt Fabric

I also got a couple of fabrics from Fabric.com that I'm going to use to make a pram quilt for Tatty.  Poky Little Puppy Flannel in blue and Poky Little Puppy Balls.  This colourway is going to look fab with her blue pram.  I've got a lot on at the moment so I think I'll take the easy option and just do a full piece top and back sheet and a no bind quilt method (check out this great tutorial from Red Pepper Quilts).  I'll keep you posted on how I go on!

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